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Toddler bed or not?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a planner... always have been.

DS is happy in his crib, and so I am also.  However, we will be TTC for a spring/summer baby in the next few months.  Intimidated by the fatigue I had in my first pregnancy, I'm trying to alleviate factors that will exacerbate my exhaustion.  To boot, I also have a medical condition that requires me to rest when I'm the most exhausted.

My question is- should I start teaching DS to sleep in a toddler bed now so that by the time I'm pregnant, the initial difficulties are over?  I was hoping to use the crib for the next LO... 

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Re: Toddler bed or not?

  • DD1 was perfectly happy in her crib and never once tried to climb out. Since DD2 was due in late August, we decided to make the transition a few months prior to her arrival so we could use the crib for DD2.

    We transitioned DD1 in a full size bed in May when she was 23 months old. The transition could not have gone better! I thought I would have to deal with her being upset about it (since she loved her crib) or trying to get out of her bed and not wanting to go to sleep. Not one of those things happened. We simply put her in her new bed which she was totally excited about and she went to sleep, no fuss. She is 3 years old and still doesn't get out of bed when she's not supposed to or try to leave her room.

    I say do it now. There's no need spending extra money and buying an extra crib when your child is already 2 years old. 

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  • DS climbed out of the crib a month before his second birthday.  We talked up the new big boy bed, and he helped pick out the sheets.  We had no trouble with the transition- he loves his bed.  I also thought there would be a problem with leaving the crib as he loved it, but I guess he loved his big boy bed more. 
  • We just went through this transition and it went great. DS climbed out of his crib and had become a bad falling asleep-er within the past two weeks, so we converted his crib in a toddler bed. He is happily sleeping through the night in his big boy bed now. Only the first night was hardest. He cried for 33 min. before he went to sleep. The second night cried for 2 min, and the last night he barely complained. It was much easier then I thought it would be :) So, I's say give it a shot. You might be surprised how quickly he'll adjust.

     Edit: DS will be 2 in July. 

  • DS is 2 yrs and 2 months.  He climbed out of his crib about 2 weeks ago so we're in a rush to get his toddler bed ready to go.  I don't think it'd be too early to transition your LO.  I'd hold off as long as you can though, just for safety reasons.  I'm pregnant and exhausted already with DS sleeping through the night.  I'm hoping he'll transition nicely.  If not, DH has agreed that he'll help with DS if we have any sleep issues.  
  • I am pregnant at the end of September, and DS just turned 2.  We will be transitioning him into his big boy bed in August before I return back to school (I am a teacher).  I agree with you - do it at a time when you don't have other things going on ... ie a baby or returning back to work.  
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  • You have time to wait. When my DD was 2.5 and I got pg with DS we transitioned her from the crib to a twin bed. She did fantastic. We did buy a bedrail for it so she wouldn't fall out especially since the bed was a bit higher off the ground, but she never fell out. Right now DS is just over 2 yrs old and still happy as a clam in his crib so I am in no rush to transition him. I would just skip the toddler bed and go straight to a twin. 
  • Even knowing that a new baby was coming and we were going to need the crib we didn't make the switch until a week ago (DD is 2yr9m).  DS just sleeps in the bassinette in our room.  I didn't want to deal with that while pregnant nor when I had a newborn baby.  So we just waited until we had gotten through all that.  DD did great and DS (almost 6 months) will be moving to the crib soon.
  • We had no problem with DS1. He loved his fire truck big boy bed. Our DS2 just turned two this month and we are due in nov. he will be a different story, I'm sure! He will be sharing room with our four year old and I'm nervous! We are just going to get new big boy sheets and play up the new bed! Fingers crossed!! Good luck to you!
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