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POLL: SAHM / WM? Help / No Help?

Mobile: POLL: SAHM/WM? Help/No Help?

Cannot make a poll for some reason... but just wondering...

  1. Are you a:
  • Stay at Home Mom
  • Working Mom

2. In either case:

  • How many kids do you have?
  • How much help (if any) do you have?

Please explain (e.g., a cleaning person 1/week, 2/month, etc., help from family/nanny/daycare... etc.)

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Re: POLL: SAHM / WM? Help / No Help?

  • Also having problems formatting... sorry!

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  • I stay at home.  I have 2 and 1 on the way.  I don't have any help from family or otherwise since they are out of state.  I would love a cleaning lady but that is not in the budget.
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  • Are you a:

    1. Stay at Home Mom Working Mom- I'm a working mom

    2. In either case:

    How many kids do you have? 5 (soon to be 6)

    How much help (if any) do you have?Please explain (e.g., a cleaning person 1/week, 2/month, etc., help from family/nanny/daycare... etc.)- We have childcare for when we are at work, other than that we do everything ourselves.

    ETA- we do have a lawn care service that mows the lawn every two weeks.

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    • 1. Stay at Home Mom or  Working Mom- I'm a Stay at Home Mom

      2. In either case:

      How many kids do you have? 1 and 1 on the way

      How much help (if any) do you have?Please explain (e.g., a cleaning person 1/week, 2/month, etc., help from family/nanny/daycare... etc.)- We live about 25 minutes from both of our parents and most of our family is near so we have tons of help, which helps and hurts at times. I would love a cleaning person once every month or so but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
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  • Working mom with 2 girls.  We send them to daycare 3 days a week and they have been with MIL the other 2.  Starting next week DH starts a new work schedule and they will be home with DH 2 days a week and at daycare the other 3.  We live within 15 minutes of our parents and siblings and they are always willing to help.  I watch my sister's kids and they watch mine.  I don't have any other hired help.  The house and the yard get taken care of when we have time.


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  • SAHM with two kids, no extra help. Our families are several hours away, and help when they can, but not on a day-to-day basis.

    Instead of having help myself I actually provide childcare for two other children besides my own.

    Mama to two sweet girls
    DD1 Feb 2010
    DD2 Sept 2011

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  • WM

    One kid with one on the way.

    No help besides daycare during my working hours. 

    DS/LO #1: Born March 2012 DS/LO #2: On his way! Due October 2013 image
  • MrsW80MrsW80
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    I SAH, 2 boys ages 9 months and 2 years. My husband is very hands on also.

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    My two boys are 16 months apart, and I'm loving every minute!
  • FT WM with 2 kids in FT daycare.  My mom is close by so she helps with the kids alot too.  I also have a cleaning service every 2 weeks.
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  • I stay at home during the day. I work two evenings a week when the kids are in bed. When I had 2u2 I worked 15-20 hours a week days. 

    i have two kids. 

    My parents help a ton. The kids do multiple sleepovers a month, I do "dates" with each child individually for an afternoon a few times a month, etc. 

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  • smerkasmerka
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    SAHM.  I do work part time and seasonally during tax season.

    two kids.  My inlaws help out about once a week, but they are moving to TN in the next month or so.  My parents visit about once a month except during the winter when they are in AZ.  No help otherwise.

    in the fall both kids will be in preschool for about 3.5 hours a day.  I'm counting down the days. 

  • 1.  Stay at Home Mom (right now, I have done the working mom thing too)

    2.  Two kids

    Right now I don't have any regular help.  We don't live near any family right now (DH is military so we moved halfway across the country away from family last December) so the only breaks I get are when we hire a sitter for date night or whatever.

    However, when my DH was deployed in 2011 (when I was in the throws of 2 under 2) I did have a cleaning person every other week and a regular sitter 1-2 mornings per week. 

    When my DH is home (meaning, just working a day job) to help with cleaning, bedtimes, etc I feel like I need the help a lot less. 

    Married 6/28/03

    Kate ~ 7/3/09 *** Connor ~ 11/11/10

    4 miscarriages: 2007, 2009, 2013, 2014


    No more TTC for us. We are done, and at peace, as a family of 4.

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  • SAHM with almost 18 month old and 26 weeks pregnant. No help with DS (except babysitting some weekends for a date night with DH. We are going to get a cleaning lady every other week until #2 is about 6 months old. It is just to much for me right now. I am having a lot of pressure issues with this pregnancy. But I like to clean my own house, I do a better job.
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    Leigh B
  • 1. I'm a SAHM.

    2.  I have an 11.5 month old DD and a DS due in about 10 weeks. We don't have any help outside the home, and we probably never will. If we lived closer to family, we'd get free babysitting from grandparents and traded babysitting with siblings, but DH's work has us on the opposite side of the country from family.


  • Thanks for the info!

    As my sig suggests, I have a 2yr 7mo old and a 1yr 4mo old and Im 26 weeks pregnant.

    Ive just entered a phase of SAHMing... Both kids are with me home all summer then the new baby is due in September, when the kids will be in daycare from 93.

    Our son was born abroad so we had no family/help not even an occasional babysitter. I was working FT with a long commute and he was in daycare, so we had a cleaning lady a few hours twice a month.

    My daughter was born here. She was with a nanny from 4 mo while I worked full time again, long commute until I quit when she was 9mo old. Then from 11 mo I worked PT from home and the kids were in daycare. We had cleaning help twice a month.

    We are now near family, but other than providing me with a few hours of company now and again and having babysat twice in the last 1.5 years when I was working and the kids were sick, we have no help from family and almost never use babysitters.

    I was asking all this because I am in awe when I hear bumpies' stories about doing it all on their own!! I am so tired and finding it difficult as is even with the cleaning help. I can't imagine how it's going to be when we have the third and my husband will be running the new business we are currently building! We won't be able to afford any other help... At least for a long while until the business is up and running and we can pay back the business loan...

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  • I currently stay at home with DD, and will be staying at home when 2 is born too. DH works weekend nights so I have him here too during the week which is nice. My parents also live next door but they mostly just help with watching DD when we have prenatal appointments and things.
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  • Working f/t

    2 kids - 2.5y & 13months

    No hired help.  We have a lot of family around and my mom watches the kids often (she'll pick them up early from DC just for fun)

    I work 4-9's & half day Fridays so I usually use those few hours on Fri to go to the grocery store and some cleaning before I pick the kids up from DC.   

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  • hocushocus
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    Working mom/Working dad

    2 kids

    Nanny for 3+ years/Now using daycare.

    Weekly cleaning person. (I love my cleaning person)/

    Tons of help from in laws. They take the kids at least once a month for a grandparent weekend. If we have the kids 4 weekends in a row I get a babysitter in the middle of that stretch so we can get out at least once and be adults. I actually love our weekend babysitter. Our kids always sleep in after she comes.

    My parents don't live close but my mom does help when she can. She's coming in fall when my husband will gone for a week to help out. 

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  • RedDDDRedDDD
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    Im a working mom with a soon to be stay at home dad.  Our son is almost 15 months and #2 is due in Sept.  My family is out of state and DH's family is an hour away, with the exception of my SIL who sometimes in a pinch can pick up DS from daycare for us.  Other then that we have no help.  DS is in day care full time right now but will be moving to half days when I go on Maternity leave and then he will go to three days a week once I am back to work abd my hubby is home with baby. We are budgeting for a house cleaner to start in a few months and I will tell you it is worth ever penny. Even if you do it once a month or once every two months. The way I look at it is...I am paying for stress relief. :)
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  • SAHM to 3 boys and occassionally my SD

    ?he only help I get is from my FIs mom who wil watch the kids for me if I have an appt to go to while FI is at work or if we ask her to so we can have some time to ourselves. Other than that Im by myself/FI.

                                      SD-7/28/2003 MC-10/6/2004 DS-1/11/2006 DS2 6/19/2012 DS3 5/16/2013
  • Mobile: POLL: SAHM/WM? Help/No Help?

    Cannot make a poll for some reason... but just wondering...

    1. Are you a: WM

    2. In either case:

    • How many kids do you have? 2
    • How much help (if any) do you have? Just DH and myself...all family is out of state...DD is in daycare and DS will join her when maternity leave ends in Sept.
  • kagl08kagl08
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    1. I'm a SAHM. My DD is going to be 3 in August and my DS will be 2 in September. 

    2. My mom lives 1/4 mile away and watches the kids 1 time a month for date night but otherwise, we do not have help. She stops in here and there and visits the kids a plays with them. 

  • I'm a SAHM. 

    I have 2 kiddos and 12 weeks pregnant with number 3.

    I get help from my sister, parents, and friend occasionally, but no more than what your average person does. I mainly only get help when I'm super sick, I have a huge job that needs to get done (like right now I'm packing our house for a move so my family has been helping with the kids), or if DH and I have a date night, etc.

    I get a babysitter maybe once every couple weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    I would love cleaning help, but I'm a 

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  • I SAH.

    I have two boys, 20 months and almost 4 months.

    I don't have any help. I have plenty of family around and they definitely help, but it's mostly the occasional baby sitting. Maybe once a month. We see them every day but my sisters each have their own young kids and my younger brother is still in elementary school so my mom is still plenty busy with him.


  • I'm a SAHM 

     I have a 11 months old and Im 5 months pregnant 

    I do it alone most days. My DH works a lot so that I can stay home. 

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  • SAHM

    2 kids

    I do not have help during the weekdays

    Honestly it is a lot easier than I thought. Hardest part is bedtime routines if I am alone as the baby's fussy time is right when DS1's bedtime routine is. I feel we adjusted very quickly to 2nd baby and I think it's because we had been through it all before...

    BFP 5/21/10, Missed m/c 7/5/10 at 11w3d (baby measured 7wks), D&C 7/7/10

    Aug/Sept 2010 - CD3&10 b/w & u/s, genetic testing, SA, HSG, & Lap/Hyst to remove septum

    12/09/10 BFP -- 7/05/11 DS born at 33w5d. Came home after 23d in NICU at 37w0d

    June 2012 - TTC #2! -- 10/05/12 BFP --  5/23/13 DS2 born at 37w1d! Yay full term!

    Surprise BFP 6/25/14 LO#3 due Feb2015!


  • I have been a SAHM for about a year and a half now. I was doing online schooling but finished my masters degree in May. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs (one of which is a puppy). I have little to no help from family in fact I actually babysit my 5 year old niece almost every weekend so family is more of a burden. I hire a cleaning person a few times a year for when we are expecting company. Other than that my house is usually a mess. DH works full time and is a full time graduate student so he is pretty much non-existent. 

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  • I have 9 children, and am a sahm. My kids are 10, 8, 8, 6, 5, 2, 1, 1, 1. 

    I have had cleaning people in the past but haven't for a while. We just moved so I might get one again, it's normally been once a week for them.

    I have a babysitter that we use when we want to go out for date nights or when I have something happening during the day that I can't take my younger 5 to (older ones are in school).

    But no I have no permanent help. I don't feel I need it. Also, while I wouldn't say I don't "believe" in it, I think that having constant help can sometimes cause mamas to think they need it and function less well without it. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.

    oh, my family all live overseas. :)  


  • I'm a sahm, with a 16 mo old, and another one due in Sept. I have no help but all four grandparents are close by and usually available to babysit on nights and weekends if something comes up.

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  • WM. and we have 2 DDs one is that are a year and 4 days apart. DD 2 is just 3 days. I work 50 hrs a wk and am on call every other weekend. Dh works 40 and is on call once wknd a month.

    As far as help... We have chikdcare taken care of. My mother runs a home daycare so she goes there Monday Thursday and my MIL has Fridays. Otherwise dh does so much to help around the house. We try to split everything's from laundry and cooking to lawn care. :
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