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How do you handle a late nap?

I go back and forth in my mind with this. Do I wake her or let her sleep? DD has a loose nap schedule. Mainly becauseI can't always predict how long they will be. Sometimes her afternoon nap is short and I can get her fussy self back down 30 minutes later, other times not. That means she's desperate for a nap at 5pm and would never make it to her 6:30/7pm bedtime.

I currently let her sleep until she awakens, then wait an hour (instead of normal 1.5/2) and start her bedtime routing. This puts her down closer to 8pm.

How do you handle late naps, say within 2-3 hrs of bedtime? 

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Re: How do you handle a late nap?

  • Whatever time DS wakes from his last nap, I start bedtime one hour and 45 minutes later, Sometimes an hour and a half if he had a rough day of naps. So if he wakes up late, which for him is after five, he's in bed a little after seven. If he wakes up between 4-4:30 he's usually in bed by quarter of seven. I've never had to wake him from a late nap because all of his naps are usually 30 minutes.
  • B usually has good naps, rarely shorter than 45 minutes. Her second nap ends around 3:30 usually. We start bed routine with a bath around 7, so I let her take a short nap around 5-maybe 30 minutes or so. That nap is spotty though-sometimes she takes it, sometimes she won't go down. 
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  • I let him sleep and then make sure he is in bed 1.2-2hours later.
  • I once woke LO up early from a late nap to make sure he stuck to his bedtime and ended up with a  Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th type scream fest in my house. IT.WAS.HORRIBLE. 

    I ended up having to put him right back to sleep. Of course he ended up waking up earlier than his normal middle of the night wake up time but it wasn't so bad. He was right back on schedule the next day.  

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    DS goes down for the night between 9 and 10 and his last nap is usually until 8:30 if not 9. He always eats when he wakes up, gets a diaper change and is usually back out pretty quick.

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    My little one is a horrible napper! Sometimes he only sleeps for 30 minutes the entire day. We actually wake him at 515 regardless so he can be ready for his 630 bedtime routine. We sometimes have to keep him entertained the rest of the night to get his mind off his sleepiness but he never melts down. One day he will nap... at least I tell myself that!
  • DDs bedtime has been 7:30ish lately but last night she fell asleep at 6:30.  I let her stay asleep and she woke up at 2am to eat which I figured would happen.  Our eat/nap schedule was thrown off by a really long nap she took yesterday morning and then a trip to the mall with my mom so I didn't think I should wake her after she went down at 6:30pm.  I did swaddle her so maybe she figured it was bedtime anyway as I don't usually swaddle for naps.
  • on daycare days, she naps around 5/5:30 for a half hour, then bed by 7/7:30 still.  on the weekend, the last nap ends closer to 4:30/5 because I'm home to put her down earlier.
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  • This.  I tried keeping her awake and waking her up early and it didn't end well.  
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