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FU Aflac

So I signed up for Aflac a year and a half ago, knowing that we were planning for a baby fairly soon.  I confirmed with the Aflac agent before signing up the amount of what my claim would be when the time came and got that confirmation in writing. 

Well, I haven't gotten the check yet, but I logged into my claim at and noticed that my claim in pending............for an amount half of what I was expecting.

DH and I were counting on the full amount of my AFLAC claim for paying bills while I'm on maternity leave. I'm contacting my representative to try and sort this out, but I'm really upset by this.

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Re: FU Aflac

  • delinodelino
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    Could it be a waiting period? My policy, not through Aflac, had a 14 day exclusion period. So my 8 weeks of disability was only paid for 6.
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  • I worked 1 day the week my son was born so I got paid for 5 weeks 1 day instead of 6 weeks. So annoying.
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  • They also paid me in 3 separate checks about 2 weeks apart so maybe the rest is coming?
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  • I agree with could be that they're splitting it into multiple payments. I did the same thing but with a different company and that's what's happening to me.

  • Definitely call them... Especially if you have it in writing!

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