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Baby bump? 10 weeks

Anyone else start showing at only 10 weeks?

Re: Baby bump? 10 weeks

  • I'm also 10 weeks today and have some nice baby bloat. This is my first though and I know with subsequent pregnancies you can show sooner.

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  • Today is the first day that I have really "shown" first thing in the morning.  Most afternoons I look very pregnant after eating, etc.  This morning, even after my morning bathroom routine, I am truly showing.  I am almost 11 weeks.  I also had some growing pains this morning - I could feel stretching and tugging.  And my tummy below my belly button is firm to the touch.  This is my 2nd. 
  • I am also 10 weeks. I suspected that it was only bloat, but I am also wondering if I have started to "pop" a little. I am so short that baby does not really have any place to go but out! I also have not really gained in my legs or boobs that much... Just the waistline!
  • this is my first baby also, I have a smaller belly in the morning and as the day goes on it gets larger. so this sounds normal you guys think?
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    Helpful thanks!!

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    Wow you got to use this diagram in two back to back posts!! Lol


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  • Yes--actually, I feel like I am finally starting with "real" showing. This is my third baby, and I started showing around 14 weeks with #1, around 11-12 weeks with #2, and I think its now with #3.

    I thought it was just in my head, until DH came up to me last night, patted my stomach, and goes "Ohhh, you are starting to show!"--haha, I told him he was so lame. Oh, and I am starting to have trouble with my stomach sleeping as I feel like I have a tennis ball hanging out under my belly button.

    Will baby #3 be another girl?


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    Wow you got to use this diagram in two back to back posts!! Lol


    I'm just awesome like that :) haha 

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  • I am 10w2d and yes, this morning I put on a rather tighter shirt to go workout and I was like "WTH!" "Already?!?" I know it's not baby, but I know it's definitely not as flat as it once was. I feel like I am going to blow up. 
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  • I am at 10 weeks and am definitely having trouble fitting into my jeans, but it just looks like a little belly chubbiness. I haven't gained any weight yet, but I am starting to wear looser clothing just to feel more comfortable. 
  • I am not showing yet but last week at my appointment my doctor could clearly feel my uterus above my pelvic bone. I had noticed the same but thought I was dreaming and inexperienced. I definitely didn't show until after 20 weeks last time so I think I will definitely show much earlier this time.

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  • Um yes! People that know are commenting on it. Those that don't know haven't said anything yet but I am having a harder and harder time hiding it. Not to mention I bably want to start wearing maternity clothes to feel comfortable.
  • I have seen women show this early, but a little bump where your pants are supposed to button up. A bump doesn't start at your belly
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  • I'm over 10 weeks with baby 6 and just starting to bump a little :
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  • Yes!  There was a post earlier today about showing, or maybe yesterday... I dunno I've been catching up.  Anyway this is definitely me... it's probably just a lot of bloating but this is my first and I'm only a little over 10 wk. and starting to have trouble hiding it.
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  • Big time.  But this is baby #4 (pregnancy #5) and I just had my 3rd kid 9 months ago.  I showed before I even got my BFP (it's why I tested ;)

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