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Part-Time/Full-time Dilemna Advice Needed

I usually lurk here but I am in need of some good advice. I currently work part-time in a job I love, usually 7:30 to11:30. Sometimes, I work more when we have big projects but that is only once or twice a month.

 A full-time position became available doing the same thing. My boss approached me and asked if I wanted to go full-time. After thinking about it, I asked her if I could go up to 30 hours a week but that I was not ready to go full-time. I really enjoy spending the afternoons with my daughter who is almost one. It also gives me a chance to get things like grocery shopping and cleaning done so the weekends aren't so crazy.

Here is my dilemma: They have posted the full-time position but they have not had any qualified applicants. I know my boss would like me to go full-time and has apparently been sharing this as someone who works in our department asked why I wasn't taking the full-time job. I am very torn. I love the agency I work for. It is very large with a lot of opportunities so I could see myself retiring from there so I really don't want to do anything to damage my career. On the other hand, I really enjoy this time with my daughter and feel sick about giving that up. We have to pay for full-time daycare now so that is not an issue. WWYD?                                                 

Re: Part-Time/Full-time Dilemna Advice Needed

  • If it was me I would apply for the FT position and maybe during the interview process (or if you have a relationship with who your manager would be in that position) try to find out if there is any flexibility in the schedule, like 30 hours in the office, WFH the other 10.  In the long terms it seems like the FT position is going to advance your career more and cement your position at this agency and once your LO is in school she won't be available for you to spend the afternoons with anyway.  

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  • This is so personal that it's hard to give you advice. For me, right now, I would absolutely stay part-time. I am leaving my job b/c FT is just not working for me/us anymore and I cannot go part-time here on a long-term basis. They were only willing to do part-time temporarily, until the end of the year. 

    Are you planning to have more kids? If so, I would definitely stay part-time. If you are one and done, I might be more willing to consider the FT position.

    For me, with DH working long hours and many weekends, me working FT as well has a big impact on our quality of life. Things are NUTS and messy at home and I spend weekends running around instead of being able to spend time with the kids. It makes a huge difference to go to FT, especially from your current hours--it would be a big change. Doesn't help that I am not super neat and organized in general. And, that we can't find a decent nanny since our last one left for school.


    ETA: If you "feel sick" about considering this, don't do it. Listen to your gut. 

    ETA, again: DH owns a business and his job is definitely "primary" and I'm the one home more/with more flexibility, which is why I'd be the one to "give" in this equation. And, I don't feel like my job is part of my identity/I am ready for a change. DH does a ton while he is home. 

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  • I would talk to boss about other options:

    1) give a 90 day trial period to see if you can effectlvely handle the workload in 30 hours.  Yes, you are getting paid less for same amount of work but you are preserving your quality time with DD and there is value to that too.

    2) full-time, work-from-home option so that you can leave the office two-three hours early and then continue WFH in the evenings to make up that time after DD has gone to bed.

    Unless you really don't care to work more than part time.  THen I would just let it ride.  But I personally would be concerned that my lack of interest would ultimately result in their perceiving me as less valuable to the company.

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    if your current PT job isn't in jeopardy, don't do it. It is much much harder to go frfrom FT to PT but if you ever want to go FT, it is easier to do. I personally wouldn't change anything if the current situation is working fine for you.  I would only go FT if it was a big promotion. Defintely don't do it for a lateral move.

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    I would talk to boss about other options:

    1) give a 90 day trial period to see if you can effectlvely handle the workload in 30 hours.  Yes, you are getting paid less for same amount of work but you are preserving your quality time with DD and there is value to that too.

    This! If they're so keen on you, and don't have anyone to take the FT position anyway, they might agree to this. If you feel sick about spending more time away from your LO and you can afford to stay PT, then IMO it's not worth it to go FT. But if you can find a way to have your cake and eat it too...

    I think employers are way too hung up on "40 hours". Obviously I am assuming here that this is a project-oriented job and not something like waitressing where your physical presence is absolutely necessary. If you can deliver results, who cares how long it takes?

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  • Are you planning to have more children in the near future?  On the one hand, life gets more hectic with more kids and I really wish I could work PT.  On the other hand, we would not be able to afford FT DC for 2 kids on a PT salary (I already spend half my salary on DC). 

    If you do decide to take the FT job, you'll obviously be making more money, so I'd put some of that toward a cleaning service and anything else that makes your life easier (grocery delivery, eating out more, etc).  Also what would your hours be if you went to FT?  My kids nap from 1-3 at DC.  So if you are going into work early, getting out at 4pm really wouldn't mean missing out on too much time with your daughter,

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  • I am also wondering if your PT job is in jeopardy.  If not and you love it, then stay with it.  You can always go FT in the future.  I work about 45 hours a week and I love my job.  I do wish I could cut it down 5-10 hours a week though. 

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  • I wouldn't, honestly, but that's me and my life.  I work part-time too and I adore it.  It isn't worth the extra salary for me to give up that flexibility, time with the kid(s) and just the sanity it brings to my life.  

    You can always try it until they hire someone as a test run and if you love it, then great.  But, me, personally?  I don't ever want to go back to working full-time.  As much as I like my job and I really do like my job.  Just not worth the extra money.  TO ME. 

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  • Thanks for all the responses so far!! I think I will approach her about a 90 day trial period with the 30 hours and see what she says. She wasn't a big fan when I proposed it before but she may feel differently now given the applicant pool and if I present it in a different way with the trial period. 

    I don't know if this makes a difference or not but I would like to have another baby next summer. My original plan was to work part-time till my dd is 4-5 and the baby is 2-3. However, that is also assuming a full time position would be available then in my department or another department within the agency which obviously isn't a given. Thanks again for the suggestions! 

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    Speaking for myself, I would stay part-time, especially given your daughter's age.

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