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First Social Smile

LO smiles quite often but I'm pretty sure she hasn't had her first social smile yet. Everything I've read said its pretty obvious when they finally do smile at you. Did you all recognize your LO's first social smile?



Re: First Social Smile

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    Mine just started smiling yesterday - the first smiles are usually really awkward (in the cutest of ways!) because they're figuring out how to do it (all of my kids looked like they're mimicking a yawn and then the corners of their mouths would turn up). It's also noticeable for DD because she would only smile when she slept or had gas - yesterday she started looking right at me and trying to smile and she's doing it again today. I would say it's obvious, yes :)
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  • It was obvious for DD because in her social smile she has a dimple but in her sleep smile she doesn't. And she only socially smiles when someone is talking to her and stimulating her.

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  • My LO just started and it was hard to tell at first. Mostly we knew because its in response to something we did like a smile or funny face.
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  • Yea. We knew because it was in response to our facial expressions. He also makes a little coo/gurgle when he smiles. 
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  • J's first social smile was obvious. I believe it was in response to our facial expressions, plus there was a few coos to accompany the smile.
  • It was obvious to me because she would smile when I talked to her and interacted with her.
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  • Agree with the PPs. The smile is a lot bigger and typically directly in response to something, like you talking to your LO. 
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