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I need a pep talk-pls come in those who carried to 42 weeks!

I will be 42 weeks on Monday, and if our little one does not come along by himself before then we have an induction scheduled to begin on Sunday night.  We are still hoping for our natural birth, but what will be, will be.

I need to hear some encouraging words from other mum's who carried to 42 weeks or who plan to do so.  I know in my rational mind that carrying to 42 weeks is just fine if mum & baby are doing well (which thankfully we are), but sometimes the opinions of others get to me and make me jumpy (I have had many comments such as 'why haven't you been induced yet?' ; Isn't it dangerous to keep the baby inside this long?)  For this reason we are not telling anyone except our parents about the scheduled induction, but still people can't help giving their unwanted 'advice'!!

Thanks in advance for any supportive words :) 

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Re: I need a pep talk-pls come in those who carried to 42 weeks!

  • I was induced at 41 and 5 days with my son. My ob would have let me
    go a few more days had my son's amniotic fluid been non existent. Ill be
    40 weeks on Sunday and my midwife and ob said ill more than likely go over again as if you have been late before you tend to be late always. I won't be induced until I am 42 weeks or until it isn't safe for the baby to be inside me
    Anymore. My midwife said that she delivered all 4 of her kids between 42 and 43 weeks but back then doctors didn't freak out if you were overdue.
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  • I'm with you...its a mind thing being able or not to go that long. At 1st we we're ready for our guy to come on his own between now and 42wks, now we are just ready to meet him and I'm tired of being preggo... he's heavy in there:
    We are scheduled to be induced Friday a.m. but its all about you and hubs.
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  • I was induced at 41w 5d, baby's amniotic fluid levels were in the normal range and once baby was born I asked about my placenta and they said it still looked good. I was having the same thoughts as you, it's normal. We just want the best for our LO. Good luck with your induction!
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  • I heard that the medical field is trying to increase full term to 42 weeks... Not sure it this is true. DH told me and he doesn't always have all the facts.
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  • I was induced this last week at 41 weeks, 6 days this past weekend. We were also hoping for a natural birth but for a slew of reasons, it wasn't meant to be. Our daughter ended up being born by emergency cesarean and spent 2 days in the NICU, although it was due to complications from the induction and not necessarily from carrying her to 42 weeks.

    Everything thought we were crazy for waiting as long as we did to induce, but I'm glad we did. Even at 42 weeks, my body wasn't ready for her to come out and as a result the induction didn't go very well. I think if you have to be induced, giving your body as much time to be ready for labor as possible is the best chance you have to reach your natural birth goals.

    Good luck!

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  • I had my LO at 41 w and 5 d and I was induced. My LO was 9 lbs 10 oz but I delivered her just fine without an epidural. I was worried since she was so late she would be too big to fit. My labour was smooth and she was perfectly healthy.

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