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Bowel movement

Not sure where to post this.

I had my LO on Friday night. Since then I only pooped a tiny bit I think on day 2. I am taking my stool softeners but I lost a lot of blood and I am on heavy duty iron supplements. I don't have many stitches on the outside but a large large tear on the inside that needed a surgeon to suture.

How long did it take you ladies to poop? I try to push a little and the blood pours out and the stitches pull. Any suggestions?

Re: Bowel movement

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    I had a BM a week later. I took stool softeners every day. I had a third degree tear and was nervous it would hurt but it wasn't too bad. Just stick to the stool softeners, drink lots of H2O, and don't force it!

    this. I took stool softeners everyday and still dint have one till a week later but I didn't force it and it surprisingly didn't hurt at all. I was terrified! Lol 

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  • My midwife gave LO and I both some kind of natural laxative right after birth (she just handed me disolvable pills and said 3 go to baby and 3 go to mommy) and I took them without question. Magic. Pure magic. I so wish I had asked what it was!

    I wouldn't worry about poop though- just drink lots of water to keep things soft and it will happen. The nurses told me that bowel movements help your internal organs go back in the right place after birth, which I thought was fascinating! But that's a big job for your gut to do, so give it time.

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    I was on iron too. Don't push! Let it come naturally. Between the stool softeners and lots if water it will come.

  • take probiotics they will help you go regularly, but still take the stool softner too until u dont need it. 

  • It took me maybe five days to go and a couple weeks to get back to normal. My first few poos were few and far between and very hard. Like a pp said, take colace... I took it every morning and night. Drink lots of fluids. Try prune and/or apple juice. It may take a few days,  and try not to strain. Even after you go, keep taking the colace for a little while. I stopped too soon and was right back on the constipation train. Good luck!


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    I was on iron too. Don't push! Let it come naturally. Between the stool softeners and lots if water it will come.

    This. Lots and lots and lots of water. It will happen. I had my first one about 5 days after delivery. I was terrified but it wasn't too bad!  

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  • I think it was a good week post partum. I didn't take any stool softeners and it didn't hurt at all. I had an inner labia tear.
  • 4th degree tear pps said, water and laxatives, but I want to add fruits and veggies. Especially prunes and dried apricots. And yes, don't push!

  • I had one small laceration and it still took me probably 4-5 days. They were giving me stool softeners too while I was at the hospital.
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