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CONE and LAPs, Anyone?

At 19-25 I had 3 cone biopsies and 4 laprascopic biopsies.  I am now 31 and 7wks (something the doc said wouldn't be possible in itself).  My cervix measures only 1.8-2.4cm of the 5-6cm it should be.  My doctor is concerned about adding a stitch and the complications it may cause... if it's necessary at all since my cervix hasn't proven to be weak but rather surgically removed.  I am wondering if anyone has had multiple procedures similar to mine?  Multiple doctors said there is not much research on women with 1-2 CONE let alone 3 CONEs and/or 4 LAPs.

Re: CONE and LAPs, Anyone?

  • Will this be your first since the procedure? I am not in your situation, but I do have an incompetent cervix. With my cervix I didn't/won't know it's weak until there is more pressure applied to my cervix. For my first pregnancy that was a little after 19 weeks. I would at least think you should have biweekly cervix length checks as you enter the second trimester. I also have no experience with a vaginal stitch as I received a transabdominal ceclage. There are a lot of people who have a TAC that have it for multiple procedures on the cervix.

    Good luck!
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  • Everything thus far has been fine.  I go in for a second opinion Friday so we'll see what she says.  Yes, this is my first and only time I've ever been pregnant or had anything done with my cervix besides the routine pap.  Incompetent cervix...  He said he doesn't know if mine is incompetent or not. We'll see I guess. 
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