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Runners come in

I am going running tomorrow for the first time in months and I am nervous. Do you wear more than one sports bra when you run? Have you noticed a change in your milk supply? I think I am looking for every excuse not to run, but I really need to get in shape. How was your first time back post-baby? 
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Re: Runners come in

  • I ran for the first time this past weekend.  I did not go up a cup size through pregnancy/BFing, but I wish I had on an extra sports bra!  I would recommend an extra one just in case.  (I am only a B/C cup and still felt I needed it).  Other than that, I enjoyed the workout.  Just a little winded more than I used to be.  Just get out there and get going and you will be happy you did =)
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  • I have been using 2 sports bras since I had DS (so, 2 years).  I haven't noticed any difference in supply- be sure to stay well hydrated.  I started running again this time at 5w PP, and I definitely needed a panty liner for- ahem- a little leakage.  That has since resolved, thank goodness!  OTherwise I am a little slower than normal, ut I expected that.  It feels great to run!
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  • I started back running about 2 weeks ago. It was not nearly as brutal as I expected, I think it helped that I worked out up until the day before I delivered. I didn't wear two sports bras but I must say my sports bra is pretty excellent. It really does a good job of keeping things in place. I was a 36C/D pre pregnancy and right now I'm a 36E.

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  • I didn't wear 2 bras.. But I did have to get a new sports bra with really good support, as I went from an A to a D cup.
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  • With all of my LOs I nurse/pump before I run and then again as soon as I get home and have never had an issue with supply....I ran a couple of half marathons while nursing and never had any issues (I keep my pump in the car for races). With DS I wore two sports bras but found that a good sports bra and a fitted tank worked the best.

    Be kind and patient with yourself. This is my 3rd LO and I still find myself getting frustrated with my pace and distance the first couple of months. 

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  • I went on my first post-baby run a week ago and it was awesome.  I knocked out about 3 miles.  Here is my recipe: 1 bottle of water + 2 sports bras + 3 cups of coffee + 4 ibuprofen taken 30 minutes before I left. ;-)  It was great!

    my doctor advised the ibuprofen and sports bras. 

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