Cloth Diapering

What is your favorite aspect of CD?

What do you like most about it?

For me, I love picking out what diaper he is going to wear. I like taking into consideration what his outfit is and what he will be doing in the diaper (playing, sleeping, nursing, probably pooping?) to pick the "perfect diaper". It is so much more fun than diapering with boring old disposables!

My second favorite aspect of CD is doing online shopping and review reading :) I don't often pull the trigger and make purchases, but I just loooooooove browsing.

Re: What is your favorite aspect of CD?

  • Saving money, and I think they look super cute. I like big cloth diaper baby butts.  I also love the creativity behind some of the diapers, stuff I wouldn't think of.

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  • It's a tie between the extreme cuteness of CDs and the absence of that perfumey crap that is on spoises.  Oh and how much better CDs feel then spoises. Squishiness definitely wins over paper.
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  • We just started this week, but so far 1)They are cute!  2) It involves research, which suits me. :)  3) Trying to save money  4) An excuse to sew!


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  • I'm sort of a tree hugging hippy.  Beyond that, I actually think they are less gross. 
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  • Saving money, the cute prints, and the fluffy butt!
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  • MoFreeMoFree
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    I love the adorable fluff butt, especially some of the more appealing prints and even more I love the fact that each CD we use is one less sposie in a landfill emitting toxic waste.
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  • That they won't be in a landfill for 500 years.
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  • ksheepksheep
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    I love that I can knit my own wool covers.

    I also just got my first set of newborn GMD fitteds in the mail today and they were so tiny and cute! I love it already, and my baby won't be here until next year!

  • I have yet to use them. But for me, its trying to figure out the way to maximize the savings while still fitting in to a life style of part time CD-ing. 

    I like the research and the cute diapers too 

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    It's a tie between the extreme cuteness of CDs and the absence of that perfumey crap that is on spoises.  Oh and how much better CDs feel then spoises. Squishiness definitely wins over paper.
    This. Sposies totally gross me out.
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    1. Keeping LO's butt rash free.  (He gets fire-engine red in every sposie I've ever tried on him.)

    2. The cute prints

    3. Keeping the chemicals off LO

    4. Keeping diaps from going to the landfill

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  • The smell. Oh man, a CD fresh out of the wash smells so good. A sposie on the other hand smells like the old age home my great grandmother used to live in. It was a terrible place, not very clean and it smelled like old potpourri, terrible. It makes me gag whenever I smell one, and it's worse when it's wet.

    The fact that I know there's a soft insert inside and not those gross gel beads. My nephew had a blow out in his crib once and when SIL found him in the morning he was COVERED in them and got a horrible rash from that. She switched to cloth afterwards.

    I've caught myself short on diapers so many times, just being busy and caught up in our busy lives. I love just going down to the washing machine rather than get dressed, load up DD and go to the store at night. Once we were visiting MIL and I only had 1 diaper left. MIL lives in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains. I would have had to load up at night and drive down the mountain to the closest town, but just had to do a load of wash instead. Huge savior.

    And totally cute. I love now that it's so warm out I can let DD go around the house in a super cute CD and nothing else. It's so much cuter than an ugly old plastic sposie. And how it looks peaking out of the bottom of her dresses; melts my heart.

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  • Cuteness + lack of smell + not buying huge packages of diapers all the time.
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  • The variety, cuteness, and how comfy they seem. And the lack of waste.

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  • Money money money!  And the insane cuteness of her fluffy bottom.  And never having to run out to the store.  

    And ditto ShadyKull on the browsing!  I swear I "shop" for diapers every day!

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