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18 month old and kitten

My 18 month old DD is constantly picking up our kitten by his legs, ears whatever she can grab. Of course I freak and take him from her and try to show her immediately how to be gentle..she thinks it's funny. I don't want her to hurt him, I guess he's not scared of her because he follows her around. Idk what else to do

Re: 18 month old and kitten

  • I would think the kitten would run away or scratch/bite her if she was hurting him.  My son loves the cat, but he's way too big to pick up


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  • My cat loves my son but he can also be a little rough with her. He is only 12.5 months so for now I am doing what you do but telling him to be gentle and showing him the right way to pet her. I agree with PP that if the kitten is really being hurt, it will leave the area. My cat does this when she has had enough of my LO pulling her hair. GL!
  • My DS chases and tackles my cats, pulls them around by their tails, licks them, and yanks on their fur. Laughing the whole time. He loves the cats so much... too much. Some of the cats are cool with this, oddly enough, but I still rush in and save them. Most of them steer clear of DS now. But when they don't, I remove the cat from the situation, or guide DS and tell him to be gentle, but at this age it's a process.

    I think the best you can do is keep them apart as best you can, keep an eye on them when they're together, and keeping telling her to be gentle.

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  • Thanks y'all my older cat just leaves and finds a high place to hide. I guess the new kitty is ok because he never tries to scratch or bite. He must be a tough one lol
  • Basically what you are doing is what we do with our son and our cats - we have several. We also purchased a book called "Pat them gently." It's a touch and feel book and it has a little rhyming story about patting cats and dogs gently, though I usually just flip through the pages and say "pat them gently" on each page and then LO pets the fuzzy spots on the dogs and cats in the book.

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