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what do one-year-olds like??

I don't post on here (yet!) so hope you don't mind...

I'm attending a friend's party for her one-year-old daughter's birthday.. I'd like to get her a toy or something interactive that she'll like instead of clothes, but I have no idea what to get a one-year-old... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: what do one-year-olds like??

  • My little girl loves balls and has a soft talking soccer ball and a plastic light up talking ball by leap frog. She loves them. Amazon, target, Walmart all carry the leap frog stuff and if you order online you can just search by age
  • DS loves knob puzzles, their grocery cart (filling it with toys and emptying it in other locations in our house), his popcorn popper toy, their radio flyer wagon, and ride on toys.
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  • Wooden puzzles are a great gift! Books, finger paints, age appropriate refrigerator magnets. Leap frog products are also great!




  • I've bought the Leap Frog interactive stuffed animals (Scout or Violet) for a few friends' kids for their 1st birthdays.  DD just got one as a gift recently, and she absolutely adores it.  You hook it up to the computer and personalize it to you kid - it says their name, knows their favorite color, food, animal, etc.

    One of the things we got DD for her 1st birthday was a small set of play fruits and vegetables.  That was her favorite things to play with for the longest time.  She still loves playing with them, and she's almost 2 now!  They were these:


    ETA: OH!  And the Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket has consistently been one of her favorite toys since she got it as a gift for her first birthday.

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  • Play food or a baby doll.  My DD got really hooked on both of those and still plays with them today.  Green Toys has a tea set that is really cool and it is safe to eat off of so as she gets older she can have real tea type parties.  Right now we do snack outside on our DD's table with her green toys tea set and she has so much fun trying to pour the water into the cups. 
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  • Another vote for my pal violet. Dd loves hers. Also knob puzzles Melissa and Doug makes good ones, board books and bath toys. Dd loves to play with rubber ducks and her stacking cups that have holes for the water to go through the bottom. Sandra Boynton has 2 really cute vinyl books made for use in the tub.
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  • My daughter's favorite toys are balls, books, and stuffed animals. She pretty much ignores all of the other ones :)
  • DS loves stacking things or blocks & containers (shape sorter, toy picnic basket, etc). He loves taking the pieces in and out.
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  • Kitchen utensils and a bowl to stir things in.  My daughter currently has a turkey baster, whisk, and spatula that she uses to stir whatever she's imagining in her beach bucket.  Literally spends hours doing it and ignores her other toys :)

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