Well that was scary...

My MIL took me and DD to her club today to use the pool. DD spent the day splashing around in the baby pool which is located about five feet from the regular pool.

We were getting ready to leave so my MIL went inside to get us towels. I pulled DD from the baby pool, set her down, and noticed that her rubber ducky was floating on the other side. I (stupidly!!!!!) went in to get it without DD. As I was turning around with it, I saw DD go over the edge of the adult pool. 

Thank God the lifeguards were paying attention because as soon as I saw it happen, they were jumping in to get her. I reached the edge of the adult pool just as they were grabbing her.

She was scared, but otherwise completely fine. I, of course, felt like the worst mother in the world. Those lifeguards were lightning quick and I thanked them profusely. I'm so grateful they were there.

I know she wasn't really in any danger, but seeing her face-down in a pool like that has me still feeling a bit shaken up.



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Re: Well that was scary...

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