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What are you wearing?

Hi Ladies!  I'm 10 weeks pp and in between maternity and pre preg clothes.  I've lost all but 3 lbs of my baby weight, but nothing fits the same anymore. Embarrassed  We've got a bunch of events coming up in the next couple weeks and I'm not going to stress over fitting in my shorts from last summer.  Just curious as to what everyone else is wearing.  TIA.

Re: What are you wearing?

  • Mainly lounge pants and stretchy tank tops. ;.

    I bought 2 pairs of tie waist shorts and a couple high waisted dresses to tide me over until things get back in tone. I've also still wearing a couple of the maternity pants I bought early on. They are a little big but fit a million times better than regular clothes.


  • Gap jeans, yoga pants. Bottoms are easy, it's the tops that suck coz my boobs are so god damn big! Everything looks like a tent on me
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  • Denim capris, a pair of denim shorts I bought, yoga pants, jeans, peasant tops (forgiving and cute)... I just realized we have a wedding to go to on 7/15 and I should probably figure out a dress... scary...

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  • Both tops and bottoms are a problem for me.  I'm praying my hips don't stay this wide forever!

  • I lost all of my pregnancy weight, plus 15 pounds (I only gained 10), and I still can't fit into my pre-preg clothes!  I am still wearing maternity jeans because my old jeans are too small on the waist.  Also wearing yoga pants and stretchy waist shorts.  Tops are fitting normally, I never grew a cup size even with BFing.
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  • Sweats, that is all I wore while pregnant too. Tank top because it is hot as heck here...
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  • Hang in there! Even once I was back to pre preg weight, it took a little while for my hips to go back so tha my jeans would button. I was back in all my pre preg clothes by about 6 weeks pp, but everyone is different. My tummy is still a little flabby. I wear lots of shorts with flowier tops and dresses. 


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  • With dd1, I gained a lot and it took me a long time to lose the weight. I went shopping at a thrift store and picked up a couple of pairs of jeans and capris which fitted. That way I was in clothes which fit me and made me feel better than maternity gear but I hadn't outlaid a fortune!
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  • I'm living in maxi dresses or nursing tanks and yoga capris. I have a couple of skirts that fit that I can wear with nursing tanks. I am not mentally ready to buy fat pants. 

  • A whole bunch of maxi dresses & tunics with tights



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    With dd1, I gained a lot and it took me a long time to lose the weight. I went shopping at a thrift store and picked up a couple of pairs of jeans and capris which fitted. That way I was in clothes which fit me and made me feel better than maternity gear but I hadn't outlaid a fortune!

    This is a really good idea!
    ETA I'm wearing a mix of maternity work pants and regular pants. They are tight, but fit. Jeans are not working for me right now sadly.
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  • Denim shorts from American apparel and tshirts from madewell. It's my summer uniform. I do hope to be back in my normal jean size by fall.
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    I'm wearing my fat pants/shorts from before I was pregnant. I can not fit into my regular size 4 pants or shorts yet. My hips are a little wider and I still have a little flab on my hips and tummy. 

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  • I mostly wear pre pregnancy clothes, but I did have to buy new jeans after the first pregnancy. They old ones would fit, but not the same, so I had to find new brands that fit my new body.
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  • Lots of maxi skirts with cute tanks or t-shirts, boyfriend style jeans rolled with loose linen button up shirts. And just yoga leggings and t-shirts when I'm running errands. I've bought a few pairs of shorts, but some of them I'm already not fitting into because I've lost more weight and some of them I still feel a little bit uncomfortable in.  

  • I bought a couple pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and a half dozen shirts in my current size. I have 25 lbs to prepg weight and 40 lbs to my ideal weight.
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  • snok83snok83
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    I too don't fit into my pre-pregnancy pants yet.  Some of the shirts fit and others are too short b/c of my boobs.  Which I find super frustrating.  I found that with the weather warming up to the 90s that I like cotton sun dresses and casual skirts.  When I am just in the house, I find my cotton capris to be forgiving and comfortable.  I too ended up buying pants from an area thrift store.  Only because I was getting tired of wearing maternity pants and was frustrated that I had to go up sizes in my pants b/c my hips and thighs are bigger.  I don't want to stay this bigger size so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on all new clothes b/c I haven't lost all of my pregnancy weight.  So the thrift store was the way to go for now.  Hope to reward myself with new clothes once I lose the weight and get closer to pre-preg. #.
  • A lot of my pre pregnancy clothes don't fit me again yet, so I've been living in maxi skirts with tank tops and maxi dresses. So comfy and I feel put together! 
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  • Mostly t-shirts and elastic waist bands (yoga pants, shorts, etc.) I have two pairs of shorts and two pairs of pants that fit. I went to GAP and got two of their "oversized" t-shirts and have been wearing the heck out of them. It stinks. I'm less than my college weight but can't fit into any of my jeans from them.  
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  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses :) 

    yoga pants most the time lol 

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  • ugh nothing fits right.  My hips didn't widen at all during either pregnancy so I have super narrow hips which make my waistline look even bigger.  pretty big bummer, can't find shorts that fit me because if they're big enough to fit me in the waist they just slide off my hips. :/
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