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Seriously mom?!?!?

Someone please talk me off a ledge here...

My mom watches DS on Mondays and Tuesdays.  So I called to check in to see how she liked his hair cut.  As she is filling me in on the day, she says, he wouldn't eat the salmon for lunch.  Then she said "you probably won't like this much but I gave him peanut butter." 

I almost jumped through the phone. We think DS may have a food allergy to something - he keeps breaking out in a rash (we have a pediatrician appointment today to follow up on ear infections). And she gave him peanut butter.  Without even asking me if it was ok!

I am thisclose to pulling her babysitting privileges.  I am willing to pay daycare then have her watching him at this point.

She gives no regards to my parenting decisions. She feels she will do what she wants when he is with her. I am very upset right now.  

If I 'let' her continue to watch him, I'm going to have to give her a list of approved and non approved items.  

AND he didn't take an afternoon nap today. So its going to be an interesting evening.  

Sorry for the rambling rant.

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Re: Seriously mom?!?!?

  • O hellz no!! I would be livid. If she continually disregards your instructions for watching DS than I would seriously consider finding child care elsewhere. Plus that could have been life threatening. I wouldn't feel comfortable with having your mom watch him IMO. I'm sorry that your mom can't be reliable for you though!
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  • Oy. Could you give her a jar of soy butter?  That's what Leo's daycare uses to avoid allergies, and honestly, I kinda like it myself.  But yeah, totally not cool.  
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  • The fact that she said "you probably won't like this much" just proves that she KNOWS what you approve of and does not care. I'd be pissed too.
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  • image Mrs. Rohde:
    The fact that she said "you probably won't like this much" just proves that she KNOWS what you approve of and does not care. I'd be pissed too.
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  • steverstever
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    No. Freaking. Way. I would be beyond livid.

    And Sun Butter's good too. It's made from sesame seeds.

  • Sheesh...I'd be pretty p!ssed.

    I wouldn't be so upset if it were my kid because he hasn't shown any signs of allergy. But if he was having issues that I was trying to figure out, like in your case, I would be so livid.
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  • I'd be livid.
    Amir has an allergy to peanut butter and if someone I didn't approve gave him it I'd choke the ish out of them. Especially if they weren't capable of handling a situation like that which most of our parents can't.


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  • I'm sorry, that's so annoying! That's exactly why I'm not a fan of MIL watching DD.

    I wouldn't trust her after that. Even if you gave her an approved list, she could just not tell you..
  • Pay for daycare. She's the grandmother - not a child care provider.
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