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Getting stressed

LO is 12.5 months and today, for the first time ever, is refusing to take a nap. He got up at eight this morning and like always I put him down about 11 when he was showing signs of being tired. He stayed in his crib for about forty five minutes. He was not crying but rolling around and playing with his lovie. When he stood up again for the umpteenth time, I figured maybe he just needed one late afternoon nap today. Well I gave him lunch and we went on a walk, trying to ware him out, and put him back down at two. After 15 min of fussing he fell asleep. then literally fifteen minutes later he woke up again. I am at a loss. He is not extra cranky when a wake or showing any signs of not feeling well. I am just at a loss as to what to do. Any advice?! TIA

Re: Getting stressed

  • DS does this all the time, so I wish I was in your boat, so all I can say is sometimes you can't fight them on it as it can make it worse to force a nap, but you can always put him in his crib and let him just hang there...we try to institute the if you don't nap you have to stay in your crib for at least an hour policy.

    Very rarely will he not take at least a 30 minute nap.


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    Kids have off days. I really wouldn't worry about this AT ALL.  You can try your best to make a nap happen but you literally cannot force them to sleep so it's out of your control. Sounds like you are trying and that's all you can do. DON'T STRESS THIS!
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  • I also do the "in the crib for an hour" rule with DS. It at least gives him some quiet time to unwind, even if he doesn't sleep.

    You might want to try keeping him up until 11:30 or so. That extra 30 minutes can really make a huge difference for DS. He actually is starting to transition from 3.5 hours of awake time to 4 hours. 



  • Thanks for the advice. He slept for 15 minutes around 2:30 and was up the rest of the day until bed time at 7:30. I could tell he was so tired but was not cranky. I guess he just wanted to stay awake and hangout with me today. Needless to say though, that when I put him down for the night he did not fight it one bit. :)
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