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DD broke a glass with her mouth

We celebrated DH's birthday last night and he was drinking soda. DD wanted something to drink too, so I went into the kitchen and heated up her juice that was in the fridge (it's winter and she has a runny nose).

She was asking and asking for something to drink, so DH gave her a sip of soda from his crystal glass... and it broke in her mouth. I was in the kitchen and heard everybody screaming, so I went to the dining room to see what had happened, and she had blood in her mouth. I touched her mouth to see if she had any glass left, and BIL "built" the glass again to see if there were any broken pieces missing, but there weren't. It was extremely scary. DH felt sooooo bad. 

Oh, and for the ones that helped me out with the music for his birthday, thanks! I chose "It won't be like this forever" for his ppt presentation... He cried even before he saw the slides hahaha.  


Re: DD broke a glass with her mouth

  • Oh that's so scary! I'm glad she's ok though! Tell your DH not to feel too bad, accidents happen, I never would have thought that that could happen though! The day before my niece's second birthday I accidentally put her head into the ceiling fan, she had to get one staple, but I felt awful! She still teases me about it. ;-) 
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  • Thankfully she is okay! I am also glad he cried during the song lol, that's sweet.

    My sister and I were at the park. I believe she was 5. There was a random mason jar on the ground. My sister wanted to try it on like a glass slipper. Well it broke and she had to get stitches.... facepalm
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  • Haha that sounds like something my sister would do! And that is so sweet that he cried! Just thinking about that song makes me tear up! 
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  • Oh geez, what a fluke! Glad she's o.k.!

    Ha - I knew that song would do it, gets me every time. 

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  • Aww glad your DD is okay.

    I love that song and get choked up everytime I hear it. We seen Darius Rucker in concert a week after I had DS and when he sang that song he dedicated it to all the parents with little ones at home and talked about how hard it is being on the road from his kids. Both DH and I bawled our eyes out. LOL.

    Glad your H liked it though.

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