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Peeing during naptime

How do you get LO to stop peeing at naptime?

DS1 (3years old) started wearing underpants full time aside from nap/bedtime about a month ago. He attends daycare and while there he rarely has an accident. They normally put him in a pullup for nap but the past few days they ran out so they let him sleep w/o one and sure enough he woke up soaked. In order for him to continue to move up classrooms (he's already behind a class due to late potty training) he needs to move forward with PTing in that in the next class he becomes fully independent so that in yet the next class (pre school) he's fully PT'd including naptime. So how do I get him to stop peeing during his nap? Is there some trick to this?? 

I won't even start on bedtime....that's the only time he poops and I can't even begin to think about how he'll overcome that one!!

Thank you!

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Re: Peeing during naptime

  • Do they make him go potty right before nap time starts?  How long does he go between potty breaks?  My DD goes potty before lunch and then again before nap.  Even if she doesn't go she must try.  Plus she is allowed to get up to go potty but DC have done a great job not letting her make it a game.  Also she is the first one to the potty when she wakes up as she is the youngest and newest potty trained kid in her class.  We only have accidents now when she for some reason naps super long and hard which is not often.  If he can't hold it for more than 2 hours than he isn't ready to go without a diaper at nap.  You can't force his body to be able to hold it if it isn't ready.  What does the pedi say?  DC teachers have any ideas?

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  • How long is nap? If they take him to the bathroom right before nap he should be able to go an hour. With DD the problem is she always has to go the second she wakes up, and at preschool that is a run down the hall that she doesn't always make in time. Developmentally it is still okay for a kid to be wet during nap and bed time, so I would fight on getting LO into a pull up at nap... It's a fairly independent task and is way less of a headache than cleaning up an accident. Just MO
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  • Thanks ladies, naps are roughly just under 2 hours long depending on the day. I'll check to see if they have him potty just before naptime (nap occurs right after lunch). Today I happened to catch on the video monitor him waking up from his nap and going straight to the bathroom so I know he goes right after. And I did bring more pullups in today and asked that they continue to use them. I just wasn't sure if this was something that could be trained and after reading through some posts after I wrote this I see that it's more of a developmental thing... I'm just so anxious for him to reach the next level and be free of diapers.

    Thanks again!

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