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what to take for horrible acid reflex?

Tums aren't working.  My throat feels like it is on fire.  I feel like there is something stuck in my throat and I can hardly breathe!  I heard some people take Zantac?  Does that work any better?

Re: what to take for horrible acid reflex?

  • Zantac is fine. If that doesn't work, you can take lansoprazole. 

  • Contact your doctor so you can get a prescription and so they are informed about what you're going to be taking. My OB recommends Zantac during pregnancy for severe heartburn and acid reflux. A couple things to consider:

    citrus and highly acidic foods will exacerbate your AR 

    peppermint will relax your esophageal sphincter making reflux worse 

    caffeine can also increase the acid production

    I LOVE lemonade, but I've had to cut it with water and some days I've had to avoid it entirely because of how my AR acts up. I don't have too much of a problem with caffeine affecting it, but peppermint has surprised me with how much acid reflux I end up with after something as small as a peppermint patty.

    Good luck! 

  • Talk to your doctor but Gaviscon was the only thing that worked for me. It doesn't taste the best(be sure to take it with a full glass of something) but it works wonders.


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  • I took Zantac my entire pregnancy.  I had horrible heartburn and acid reflux.  It helped but didn't completely alleviate the issue.  Tums did nothing for me.
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  • Gaviscon worked for me. I had never had it before pregnancy and then "holy crap... what is that?!" I feel for people who have acid reflux regularly. At least we know this will go away.

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