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BFP update

I'm feeling so overwhelmed with all the positive feedback for you all! It's been a stressful time at our house getting use to the whole idea of another baby and having no idea when he/she would be showing up. I called my OB on Monday morning and they had me come in for blood work to test my HGc levels to give them an idea of how far along I am. Well, to all of our surprise, my levels were at 870. That puts me at around a little over 4 weeks...They were a little shocked that I got a positive test so early. So they gave me a due date around the first week of March. I have to go in on Friday again to check my levels again and then we will schedule an appointment.

We wanted our babies around 18 months apart so I guess 14 will work...haha The only thing that is breaking my heart is I may have to stop breastfeeding sooner than I had planned but we'll just go with the flow and see what happens.

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Re: BFP update

  • Congratulations.  I'm a little jealous!  I go back and forth between wanting #2 right now and wanting to wait, lol.  

    Regarding BF'ing, you really don't have to stop.  A lot of women tandem nurse to keep their toddlers nursing as long as they need/want to.  Even if you wean her before the next baby arrives, she may see you nursing and want to try again.  I'm planning to nurse LO as long as he's wants even if I do get pg again sooner rather than later.

    Again, congrats.  What a blessing! 

    Happily Mrs. C 
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    start ttc #1 in Jan 2009
    dx PCOS in May 2010, begin metformin
    Two failed clomid cycles (made lining too thin)
    Started acupuncture while saving for IVF in Sept 2011
    Add herbal infusions to the mix in Dec 2011
    Hoping holistic approach works!!!

    BFP on April 2012 at 11dpo
    Meepy Man born on Jan 2013 - Hip Hip Hurray!

    Ready to start ttc #2 April 2013, but plan to be an extended BF'er
    Back on metformin Aug 2013
    Restart herbal infusions Sept 2013 - currently drinking nettle, oatstraw, and red raspberry leaf
    DS weaned in April 2014
    Taking a break from herbs and just riding the healthy train.  
    Planning medicated cycle end of summer.  FX I get KU before then!!!
  • Wow!  Congrats!  I can't believe some of our mamas here will be welcoming more babies soon.  Hope you are feeling well so far!

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  • Congrats! I'm with PP, I go back and forth and almost wish it would just happen so I don't have to make the decision on my own :-)
  • jcar2jcar2
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    Congrats! I'm like other posters who go back and forth on wanting 2. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!
    DS: BFP 5/2012, EDD 1/28/2013, born 2/2013
    Our Little Angel: BFP 1/25/2014 (EDD 10/4/2014), u/s #1 3/6/2014, u/s #2 3/18/2014 no heartbeat, mmc, miscarried 3/27/2014
    BFP 6/21/2014 (EDD 3/3/2015) Grow baby, grow!

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  • They may be close together but at least you're getting your pregnancies out of the way!


  • b0710b0710
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    Congratulations! Your LOs will probably be so close growing up.
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  • Congrats! I hope you're able to continue BF as long as you like.
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  • Congrats!!!  I understand being overwhelmed.  But a baby is a beautiful thing!  :)

    You'll do great! 


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  • talk to some of the mothers on the Breastfeeding board. There are a few that Tandem Nurse/Nurse while pg maybe they'll have a few tips to help you continue BFing as long as you want. Congratulations!!!! thoughts and prayers for a happy nine monthes
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  • Having them close together is awesome. I love it. You'll be fine. :) Congrats!

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    BFP #1:10/31/10 DS born 6/22/11BFP #3:4/24/12 DD born 12/31/12
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  • Congrats! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!
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  • image landosmommy:
    Having them close together is awesome. I love it. You'll be fine. :) Congrats!


    Love my 2 being so close together.

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  • Aww! Congrats mama! I am kind of jealous, part of me wishes i could have another one now. But we are waiting until DS is at least 3, to start trying, provided a doctor says i can. That is wonderful news, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

    7/5/11 MC at 8 weeks. 5/17/12 BFP, twins EDD 1/20/13! 6/20/12 Baby B's heart has stopped beating. 8/31/12 Baby A is a boy! And is perfectly healthy and thriving. 1/19/2013 emergency c-section, Thoren is perfect. 3/1/2013 told i will never be able to conceive again. 12/16/13 told they were wrong! 

  • Congrats! I think it's wonderful! You are blessed!

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  • image BLPL101:
    Congrats! I think it's wonderful! You are blessed!

  • Congratulations!!

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