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belly sleepers

We just started the swing to crib transition on Friday. It actually went better then expected except DS loves to sleep on his belly. So for Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon nights I stayed up all night to flip him back over and monitor his breathing. I can't see straight anymore b/c I'm so exhausted and can't do that anymore. I'm totally freaked out by SIDS as someone I know a friend of a friend lost her daughter at 14 months. Plus I haven't gotten a breathable bumper yet and the lil guys limbs are sticking out of the slats. He rolls and can hold his head up really well. I can't seem to get used to it. What do you belly sleeping moms do? Any tips? Just suck it up b/c thats the way its going to be?

Re: belly sleepers

  • Wow...I've just been letting it go because there is no way I could stay up like that!

    My question was more of a "I'm curious if your LOs sleep with their face in the mattress."  It is a bit worrying, to be sure, but there isn't too much we can do about it.  I was told by a nurse that once they are able to roll over on their own, it is okay for them to sleep on their bellies (but still to put them to bed on their backs). 

    We can only control so much, you know?  I'd say get some sleep, Mama!



  • I agree with the PP get some sleep. DD rolls over onto her belly as soon ad I put her down and I leave her!

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  • Once babies can roll over there is not much you can do to keep them on their backs while they sleep. DS sometimes stays on his back but usually rolls to his belly and stays sleeping that way. I check on him before I go to bed and make sure his head is to the side.  We have a breathable bumper so I am not really concerned about him suffocating. 

    I'm not sure it's still considered SIDS after 12 months, but I guess that is beside the point.  I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's daughter.

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  • I stop worrying about it when they can roll over.  Even if you put him down on his back, once he can roll over he could end up on his belly in the middle of the night without you knowing it.  At this point, he has good enough head control and strength not to get stuck on his belly - the big problem with small babies and belly-sleeping.  Basically, with a newborn you have to worry about them getting their face stuck and not being able to move it.

    My last three kids have been belly sleepers.  It's just the way it is.  But take my advice with a grain of salt, because my kids sleep on their bellies from birth.

  • I was really paranoid about my DS sleeping on his belly the first few nights he started rolling in his crib.  I recommend getting the breathable bumper as soon as you can.  That really helped ease my concerns.  The video monitor was reassuring for me, too.   

    Don't worry - if he's able to roll and lift his head up easily, he'll be fine. 

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  • My LO insists on sleeping on his belly. And he's also one that sleeps with his face in the mattress. It freaked me out at first but we've gotten used to since he won't lay any other way. When he first started doing it we tried flipping him back over but it was like he was spring loaded and as soon as his back hit the mattress, he'd flip back to his belly. At his 4 month appointment last Friday the pedi said if he can get himself into that position then let him be. That he knows how to turn and roll the other way it he needs to.
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