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Two Thing Tuesday

Vacation inspired today, thanks to the post below!

1. What was your favorite vacation?

2. What is your dream vacation? 

Re: Two Thing Tuesday

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    1. I went on a family vacation the summer DH and I got engaged. It was my parents, sister and I. We drove to Alaska. It was kind of awful to drive, but I would totally do it again! I loved it there. It was just so different and I loved seeing all these animals that I've never seen in person before!

    2. I would love to go to Africa. I must have a fascination with weird animals because I want to see giraffes and elephants and zebras. Iowa is boring... cows... cows... pigs... cows...

  • Tough to decide, but here goes:

    1. Greece, we took my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary a couple years ago and it was amazing- perfect combo of beach and interesting history.  Its also one of the most beautiful places.  Really a tough one, though because there are a number of close seconds.  Think this trip wins tough becuase all the people I love most were with me and it was a great trip!

    2. I love to travel so there are a couple: African Safari, Rhine Riverboat Cruise and even though I have been there before I am dying to go back to Zermatt, Switzerland for a week of skiing.

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  • 1.  My favorite was our HM to Bora Bora 10 years ago.  We go on a vacation every year for our anniversary and have had some amazing trips, Australia and Hawaii were among my faves too!

    2. So many!  I'd love to do a really long trip to the Mediterrean countries (Italy, Greece, Mallora, Spain, Israel, Monoco) and an African picture safari to (photo)  shoot the Big 5.  I'd need a week at least in each place!

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  • 1. My favorite was our 1 year anniversary trip to Yellowstone/Jackson hole we stayed for a week in a really nice hotel it was awesome!

    2. My dream trip is a trip to Italy and Germany for 2 weeks. Maybe someday! 

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    Mom to two December boys, 2011 & 2013
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    Mom to two December boys, 2011 & 2013
  • 1. Our honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica. It was so relaxing. Great food and drinks.

     2. A few weeks in Italy. It will probably happen at some point but not any time in the near future.

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  • 1) The best trip I ever took was 11 days in Florida for a training, just after graduating from college, and I did it for $770 including flight, hotel, and rental car..  I went and saw/did what I wanted and challenged myself to learn and do within my means.  To this day I'm still amazed at how I did it!

    2) Granted, this has changed from when I was younger but... A month at home, with a dumpster at both places, backstage crew to help, with DH & the kids off somewhere having the time of their lives!!! (is it so wrong that I want to clean and go through everything then do some remodeling work...myself!)

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  • 1, My best trip was to Paris when I was at university, I went with a friend and we had the best time camping on the river, I loved it, I am kind of sad though that it was so long ago, I would love to say it was with DH, but we really don't travel much and when we do it is normally to see family as we live in a different country to them, I love it here, but that is one thing I would love to change.

    2, I would love to go to Greece and travel around all the ancient architecture, I studied Classical Civilisation, and I would love to see all the places I read about, like the Parthenon etc.

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    1. What was your favorite vacation? Probably our trip to Costa Brava, Spain that we took this past April. It blew my expectations out of the water. It was absolutely beautiful and was filled with history (which DH and I love!!)

       2. What is your dream vacation? Santorini, Greece or Phuket, Thailand-just DH and kids!!! Maybe one day...



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