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Baby Proofing

My DS is offically mobile. He just started to sort of crawl these last couple days. He is up on his hands and knees and lunging forward at things and getting places. So we are thinking about baby proofing.

We bought some baby gates for the stairs, outlet plug covers and cupboard locks. I also plan on completely baby proofing his room so if I ever had to leave him in there alone for a bit I feel comfortable he'll be safe.

I'm wondering how far moms are going with baby proofing? I'm struggling with the balance between I want to be safe and I also don't want my house to look like no adults live here.

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Re: Baby Proofing

  • I have no advice on baby proofing as we have not thought about that yet, but I guess we should soon - just wanted to say YAY! Excited and nervous that our LO are getting/will soon be mobile!

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    I think the most important thing to do is put ALL cleaning products/medicine etc in a place that locked or LO absolutely can not get to
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  • I actually just talked to his pediatrician about this recently because DS is now rolling all over the place, we've covered the outlets and once he starts really crawling we're going to do the baby gate for the stairs (we're never upstairs unless its time for bed so we're not concerned with it now) and then we'll do the cabinet locks for the dangerous cabinet (cleaning supplies). Once he starts pulling himself up we're going to put rubber pieces on the corners of our coffee table (sharp edges) and then possibly the toilet lock... we'll determine that one when the time comes. haha Other than that and obviously putting up the low glass objects I think that's it. I'm sure he'll give us plenty of things that we need to proof, but again, I wouldn't go completely overboard, you can't turn your home into Fort Knox, good luck and congrats on having a mobile baby! Now the real fun starts! 
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  • We haven't started yet but my biggest concerns are outlet covers and making sure cleaning supplies and medicines are out of reach! If I need to step away from him, even now even though he isn't crawling yet, I put him in his PnP or crib to make sure he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. He does like to roll across the room and has almost whacked his head into things! 

    ETA: We don't have stairs so that's not an issue for us.  

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  • I didn't do much.  I used a baby gate on steps and only locked the cabinet under the sink with the cleaning products in it.  I also made his room safe by  just putting everything up higher so he couldn't reach it.  That's about it.
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  • image Wild_flower25:
    I didn't do much.nbsp; I used a baby gate on steps and only locked the cabinet under the sink with the cleaning products in it.nbsp; I also made his room safe bynbsp; just putting everything up higher so he couldn't reach it.nbsp; That's about it.

    This is probably what we will do. I'm concerned about our coffee table and side tables. I walk into them all the time! Honestly I was talking to my boss about this and he just got rid of some stuff when his son got mobile. Not like thrown away just put away for the time being. It isn't like we really use them so I am thinking about storing them at my mom's for a little while. We live in an apartment so not much room. When we had the carpet cleaned and had to move everything out DH and I enjoyed the emptiness and extra space so much!
  • I read a heartbreaking blog post about a baby who pulled her dresser down onto herself so we'll be putting furniture straps on everything heavy that could topple dressers, bookcase, etc. otherwise it's cabinet locks and medicine and cleaning products up high.


  • Oh my gracious Yes!! I completely forgot about that! UGH! We had that happen in my hometown to a little boy. That's so horrifying, yep we'll be putting straps on as well! That is why I love this site, thank you for reminding me of that!

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