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This thread is specifically for all those crazy symptoms we get to experience. Tell us yours, ask questions, gripe about it, whatever!


Feel free to respond to other posters questions as well, and this way we can have all the responses and knowledge in one lovely post!


Also ? here are some of the February Badges that were designed ? feel free to take one and use it!


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  • Anyone NOT have cramps? I haven't had any, only What I assume was RLP one evening? Is this pretty normal?

    Also... I can't find anything I want to eat. I just have this dull nauseous feeling all the time not enough to throw up, and I'm just never hungry for anything.
  • Same sore boobs. Still pee 20 times a night, nagging, dull nausea that produces no vomit. Everything sounds gross to eat. And cramps. Lovely cramps. Funny thing is, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world! ftm after 1 mc
  • Nausea that comes and goes 24 hours a day.  I really wish DS 10 months would sleep through the night... it's killing me! 

    Yesterday, I had some GI "issues", but I think that was from the onions in the potato salad and not the little bean.

    Other than that I am good... :) 

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  • I'm starving today! I could just eat and eat and eat...

    My headache that is always there is, of course, there. And I'm ready to go to bed. 


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  • I have a stomach bug on top of MS.

    Don't mind me. I'm going to go die in a corner.

  • Super bloated today and I just threw up in the work bathroom, which I have been trying to prevent.  Luckily I don't think I was outed.  I haven't been sleeping very well, waking up what seems like every hour.

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    I have a stomach bug on top of MS. Don't mind me. I'm going to go die in a corner.

    Oh no! Feel better! 

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  • Cramps.  Terrible ones yesterday that messed with my PgAL brain.  Some nausea in the evenings.  And one food aversion so far... fried rice *gag*. 


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  • Nausea is in full force today. Nothing sounds appealing and when I do go to eat, the thought of chewing up food makes me ill. 



  • I am so tired! I just want to not be constipated, I am eating a ton of fiber! Why body why wont you just let me go normally?!?!

    No real MS yet. I hope that I am exempt from MS this time because I had it the entire time with DS. My Mom always says that she never had MS with my brother and I, gee thanks Mom that is really helpful...


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    pretty normal symptoms I guess...

    -my nipples are on fire

    -nausea from mid morning to mid afternoon..not too bad yet. 

    - my progesterone supps are making also setting my vag on fire

    -I just starting the having to go pee all the time


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  • Headache, sore boobs, and tired. No M/S yet. I didn't get it with DS until 8 or 9 weeks.
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  • I have been so tired! I sleep as much as I possibly can.  I have been having cramping off and on, but it isn't too rough. Weirdly, in the last 24 hours I swear my boobs have gone up half of a cup size. So far they aren't sore, which I am thankful for!

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  • Right side RLP, which is killer. It feels like a muscle ache I just can't get to. Currently churning up some heartburn. No vomitting yet but dealing with nausea that feels like the worst car sickness I've ever had. I've craved fruits and veggies for the first time this week too.
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  • I'm still a bloated whale - def look chubby

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  • Officially popped open some tums last night... I didn't get heartburn with DS until 7 months pregnant!

    It seems like everything is happening sooner this time.

    I'm exhausted, and when I sleep, its the only time I am not nauseous. Nothing sounds appetizing and I have to force myself to eat small meals all day. No vomiting yet though.

    I feel like crud, but am thankful for that at the same time. Symptoms make my PGAL heart happy! (I didn't have hardly any symptoms with my losses)







  • Daily MS, constipation, cravings, and some RLP here and there specifically if I get up really fast. Pretty freaking tired and the drowsiness that the Zofran is causing doesn't help! Starting to have a few skin break outs (neck/shoulders).

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  • I am having a great day.... A little tired, sore breasts, super hungry this one is new to me!
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  • image ashleen223:
    Cramps.nbsp; Terrible ones yesterday that messed with my PgAL brain.nbsp; Some nausea in the evenings.nbsp; And one food aversion so far... fried rice gag.nbsp;

    I am right there with you. I have had mild PMS like cramps that come and go. The side changes frequently. My PGAl is thankful for all symptoms, But cramps worry me! I keep telling myself it is normal.
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  • So far only cramps, food aversion in general, and exhaustion.  The cramps have woken me up the past two nights.  I get this weird feeling like they are going to turn into something really bad and my body is preparing for it but then they aren't all that bad. And basically just overall exhaustion has taken over.  Eagerly awaiting our first appointment in 2 weeks!


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  • I had to abruptly leave my boss' office to be sick and now I have diarrhea. I snapped at a coworker who is a complainer and had it coming.
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  • Today I am a little crampy and woke up to pee three times last night!
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  • I cannot keep a thought in my head for 2 seconds.  Not being very productive at work and I have no motivation.  Tireddddd.....yawn.  When's naptime? 

    I think the taco bell tacos just outed me at work.  Our bathroom is in our office so everyone can hear my lovely retching.  

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  • Bloated and exhausted are my main symtoms today. Haven't had any sickness yet!! fingers crossed finally got over sinus issues that plagued me all last week and past weekend! Boobs are not as sore as at first.
  • Constant nausea.

    Boobs feel like they weigh a ton.

    Finally ate more than a few bites in one sitting. Which was probably a bad idea as I ended up with diarrhea. 

    Tired. Can't sleep through the night - must get up to eat/pee/re position a bazillion times. 

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  • Pretty crampy today... Which worries me a little. With my first pregnancy I didn't have any symptoms. Sore boobs and headache plagued me yesterday.
  • I never felt like this with DD, I never actually threw up with DD.  I am spent the last 36 hours trying to keep my food down and lost the battle this morning.  So how do you treat naseau that is pregnancy related?  Chicken soup was a bad, bad idea.
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  • Feeling pretty good today. First round of nausea hit, but managed to get thru it by mibbling on something. Sore huge boobs and tiredness all the time. I've been seriously crabby but that lifted after a good nights sleep. Wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China! Happy Tuesday mommies!!!
  • I am SO bloated today! I'm really glad that I chose a nice loose sundress to wear today--comfy and hopefully hiding my suspicious looking belly. :)

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