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Speaking of bike/trikes, can I AW?

We bought C a super nice trike (Kettler) off of Craigslist for cheap but it's so heavy that he has a hard time riding it. And he's been talking constantly about bikes, so this weekend, we got him a cool orange bike (and will sell the trike).  And as an aside, I asked the bike shop if I was making a mistake not getting him a balance bike.  She said if we wanted to, we could just take the pedals and training wheels off and then it's basically the same thing.  However, she also told me that she thinks training wheels get a bad rap because no one ever raises them up.  Huh????  So, apparently training wheels can be raised up a little at a time as your child gets better and better at balancing until finally you can just take them off.  Who knew!?  So, here's C on his orange bike.  Big Smile


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Re: Speaking of bike/trikes, can I AW?

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