July 2012 Moms


Okay I responded to the "cold cuts" post while I waited the 3 minutes for my HPT.  I am only 9DPO, but Walmart sells $.88 tests, so I have like 8 of them.  I was going to wait until at least tomorrow to test, but I am impatient and tests are cheap.  THIS IS AWESOME!!!  This was our 1st cycle of TTC!  So crazy because last time it took 7 cycles!  Crap, now I wish I waited for MH to test, so he could find out with me, but I guess I will do something to surprise him tonight.  YAAAAAY!!  Chipmonk, add me to your list!  EDD March 10th 2014!  I took a pic of the positive stick but it's pretty faint, so I didn't post it.  But a line is a line and I, my good friends of J12, am freakin' pregnant!! 


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