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Spitting up/vomitting

My LO is 17 weeks on Friday. She has been spitting up/vommitting more over the last 5 days. Sometimes it's right after she eats but yesterday it could be 2 hours after and she would throw up. This morning she had 3 oz total. 1.5 at first and had the rest later. She still burped great but has spit up 4 times this morning. No fever, not super fussy. Sleeping great. Any ideas??? I just got an appt for this pm but wanted to see if anyone had some ideas
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Re: Spitting up/vomitting

  • In my experience, DD1 did this same thing. She would spit up probably 10 times a day, but there was nothing wrong. It was just like there was an air bubble, and when she would burp or something, food would wander back out of her mouth.

    Pretty gross. But if she seems content, I wouldn't worry too much. DD2 spits up maybe 5 times a day, and does fine. I think it's just what babies do. Some will do it more than others. If your really concerned, get in touch with your pedi.

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  • Our daughter was not one to spit up much so when she was vomiting we called the doctor right away. Turned out she had an ear infection. She didn't have any other symptoms that are typical. However, it could be nothing!
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