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So, I just saw where someone introduced themselves to everyone. As a late joiner of this app and group, I didn't do this so in case everyone was wondering, here goes nothing.

My name is Rachel and I'm due Aug 30th. Me and my fiance are very excited to welcome our little boy. I already know I will be induced a week early due to some female stuff, so our little boy, Jack Elston, will be here Aug 24th. We had originally picked Jackson, but at Easter changed it to Jack after we both realized his cousin was named Jackson. Elston comes from my grandpa who passed away 2 years ago and because I wanted an E middle name. I worked fulltime until 20 weeks, then cut back my hours and switched to a different dept at the grocery store I work at due to the heavy lifting and my fiance works for Schwanns. We are doing the nursery in a sports theme because we are both sports nuts! So glad I found this site when I did because it has saved me a lot of stupid questions at the doctor!

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