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No BH?

This may be a 5.99 question, but I'm 35w4d and I dont think I've had any BH contractions. It seems like everyone else is always including that in their symptom complaints but I haven't noticed any. I realize you don't necessarily feel them but the only time by belly feels super tight is if I have to pee. Anyone else experiencing this either now or in past pregnancies? Should I be worried my uterus isn't getting any practice in, or just grateful I'm not dealing with them?
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Re: No BH?

  • I think you should be grateful you don't have to deal with them. I'm 39 weeks and I've only noticed a handful of times that I'm having them and its mostly if DH is touching my stomach and he mentions how hard it is. From what some of the ladies have post they can be painful. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to me hurting, so I'll take it that they don't bother me.

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  • I haven't really had too many either. Only when I'm active do I notice them, and they don't happen too often.

    I'm wondering if they'll start to pick up in the next few weeks or if I'll go straight to the real deal. Either way, as long as baby is moving regularly, there is nothing to worry about. I guess we're just lucky.
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  • Hmmmm, grateful!!!!! These things suck!!!!
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  • You just may not be noticing them.  The first time I realized I was having a BH contraction was when I had a random checkup with the OB sometime in 3rd tri with DD and the OB casually mentioned that I was contracting under her touch. Up until then, I don't think it was noticeable to me.  The intensity will pick up as you get closer to your due date.  
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  • Haven't had any either.... Thankful for that!

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  • I just started having them this past weekend at about 37 weeks. Now I am getting them randomly all day, they are no fun!!! I don't remember getting them with DD.

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  • I started getting them right at 35 weeks. Up until then I didn't feel any. Consider yourself lucky.
  • I'm almost 37 weeks and I'm not sure if I have had them or not either.  My OB asked if I was having any and I said no - she said I probably just wasn't noticing them.  I say just feel lucky!
  • I didn't start noticing mine until I was hooked up to the machine the in the hospital and they were pointing them out to me.  Now I am upset that I know what they feel like because I have them all the frickin' time.  lol, I say, ignorance was bliss.
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    I just started getting them about 2 weeks ago.  Mine are not painful or consistent, but sometimes I just notice my uterus is rock hard.  Other times, I will randomly feel my belly and notice it is balled up and contracted on one side. 
  • I'm a FTM and 38 weeks.. my doctor asks me at each appointment if I am having BH. Because this is all new to me, I really am not sure if what I think are BH are just baby or actual BH. Whatever they are, baby or BH, they aren't too painful so I'll take it. My doctor hasn't seemed concerned that I have (or have not) had any BH.

    My sister said that during her pregnancy she didn't have any BH either.

    I don't think you need to be worried :)

  • I'd say grateful!! They don't hurt my abdomen like I think real contractions do, but they make my back hurt because they just pull everything tight so they're not very pleasant..
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  • Good to know, thanks ladies!
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  • I never had any with my first pregnancy. I wish I didn't have any now.
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