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hypnobabies.. back on track!?

So I took an almost two week break from my hypnobabies study because I sort of dreaded the sessions. They weren't relaxing to me because I did not like staying still. I constantly had to turn my light switch back on to move and it was annoying. Well, I finally did the session where you create a center position, and now I feel so much better about the whole thing. I feel like I'll probably do almost all of the sessions completely in the center position from here on out because I won't have to stress about moving. Did anyone else feel this way? Any BTDT hypnobabies moms who didn't spend much time using the 'off' position? Was the program still successful for you?




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Re: hypnobabies.. back on track!?

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    Go to the link in my sig below the picture. There is an entire group dedicated to chatting about hypnobabies and hypnobirthing. It's an awesome group. I bet you'll find more people there who have been through it and there's also a teacher of hypnobabies that participates regularly.
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  • Thanks so much!!!
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  • I didn't realize that I would do this during practice sessions, as I always tried to switch back and forth when I needed to move, but found that impossible during my birthing time so I just stayed in center. And it was still successful- I wouldn't say I was the model student lol but every time someone gave me the relax cue, my whole body just did it without me consciously trying to (or even realizing that it was happening!). 
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