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So I'm a posting maniac tonight ::mobile smiley:: LO just woke up crying at 11pm, which he hasn't done in a long time. I ran up to his room, picked him up, and held him saying 'it's ok, mommy's here.' He fell asleep after a few minutes, and then I went back downstairs and kissed my hubby who is passed out on the couch until I go to bed. We are so lucky, ladies, having someone that depends on our word to know everything is ok. Although he's still a baby, I love knowing my voice and touch comforts DS. Just feeling a lot of love tonight and wanted to share!

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Re: Love

  • Now I want to go get him out of bed just so we can cuddle! haha I love it! Best feeling in the world!
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  • Just put DS to sleep right now. Right before he went down he was fussing on my shoulder, then turned to 'kiss' me and fell right to sleep. MAJOR heart melting moment there. I am excited to see him hit his milestones and grow up, but at the same time I know these little moments are fleeting and precious. We have to savor them as much as we can!
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  • I love that too, I constantly feel blessed! It's a great feeling knowing you have this little baby that already loves you so much. Makes me feel like i'm doing something right 
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  • :)

    I almost cried today when Jack was napping on me.  I just looked down at his face and teared up from the love I felt!  


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  • It is a very amazing feeling. We are so lucky/blessed to call ourselves Mothers.

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • Beautifully said Smile  Sometimes I look at DD and feel like I'm going to burst I love her so much. 

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  • jcar2jcar2
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    Well said! The other night when I was putting DS to bed, he kept looking up at me and smiling. It was the best.
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  • We are all really lucky! LO sleeps in bed with me and was talking at 3 am two days ago - I turned over and he's up on my pillow staring at me with lovey eyes and is all smiles, I could have died! I watched him fall asleep next to me, cutest. thing. ever.


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  • I've always wanted to be a mom, but I had no idea how amazing it really is. The love I have for my daughter is overwhelming at times. I appreciate my mother so much more now that I'm a mother. It's crazy to think that the way I feel for my daughter is how she feels for me. 

    ETA: Now I'm crying! It will be amazing to see this little girl grow up and someday become a mother too. Life is beautiful. 


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