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Semi NBR... Opinions Please?

We have set our deadline, and have our calendars set with a move date of next year! We are looking to relocate to Alaska.  So... any Alaskan, Yukon, or British Columbian moms here? We are particularly looking at the Fairbanks area.  DH has found work potential there, and we have looked around at a lot of property available online.

I do have a couple concerns.  I work online, so internet is going to be a must.  I haven't really been able to get solid answers on whether or not I would be able to get reliable internet access.  While I am not necessarily tied to a strict time schedule, I do have a schedule that must be loosely upheld.

What are living costs like up there? I know things cost more due to shipping, but... what about shopping? Am I going to be traveling to Anchorage any time I need something like Sam's Club or Babies R Us?

What about the long, dark winters? How do you Nothern Moms combat the winter blahs with children? We have a long history of depression and seasonal depression in my family, so naturally I want to tackle this on the offensive. Especially when thinking about little ones who cannot tell us what is wrong.  I already use UV lights in the winter for my own seasonal blues, and fully intend to have an indoor greenhouse with garden greens (I love gardening!!!), so here are a few options.  On the flip side, I already know what I am going to do to maintain bedtime routines in the summer, and darken rooms enough for kids to sleep! My DD has blackout curtains already and they do nothing, really.  We use window-fitted pink board Styrofoam insulation to block out the light.

Anything else I should think of before our move? We want to list our house in May of next year as we have a few renovations that must be finished so that we can get the most for our current house.  Ideally, I would love to be out of this house in May, but realistically, we are not anticipating leaving until the end of Summer 2014.

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Re: Semi NBR... Opinions Please?

  • I'm in BC, but in Vancouver so I can't answer most of your questions, I'm sorry!  I have a friend who lives in Alaska with two LOs and I think they do make trips to a big city (I'm not sure which one) to shop.  She also orders a lot online, I think.  GL!

  • We're actually considering moving to BC from southern California in a few years. We were originally thinking Seattle, but my fiance kind of wants to get out of the US. I'm curious to see what other mommas say about the area too because I was looking at smaller cities outside of Vancouver.
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  • We are just so ready to get out of the city and back to the snow! We HATE summer.  I especially hate summer because I have terrible allergies, and the humidity and heat really does me in.  I know that Alaska still gets summer weather, but at least the timeframe is much shorter period.  Where we currently live in Michigan, this year has been remarkably "nice," but we've already had a full month of 80+ degree weather.  Last year, however, it hit 90+ in FEBRUARY and it never cooled off.  To make matters worse, I was pregnant the entire time and really was miserable with allergies.
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