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Hey ladies, I have read multiple place that a should have a pregnancy journal. I have a full time and am a writer on the side. This is my first baby, but I don't know where the time would come from. If I don't journal through this process will I regret it?

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  • No, I doubt it. Maybe write a letter to the baby or write about your pregnancy and birth experience when you're on maternity leave, but definitely don't write every day about what you're craving and how you're feeling. I did something like this with my first and I've never even opened it since.



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  • I scoffed at this the first time around, but will admit that this time around I sort of wished I had taken some light notes, just for myself, just for fun to compare this pregnancy to the last. I can't believe how much I forgot!

    But as for a serious journal that someone else might read some day... I have no regrets for not having one. 

    ETA: this is especially b/c I hate being pregnant. Instead of "I can't wait to meet this miracle!", my journal would have been filled with "F-ing heart burn!! Puked today for the 67th day in a row. Can't believe I though getting knocked up was a good idea..."


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  • I did this on occasion its not detailed just to the point...I wrote about the birthing experience though more detailed.
    I am adamant about keeping a journal for LO though. Hopefully one day he'll want to read all of the cute stories and milestones. If not maybe his future family will.
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  • I didn't and am just fine, LOL. I did get a baby book which I am glad about. For me pregnancy blows, aka morning sickness, constipation, pelvic pain, no sleeping, etc. I kept sonograms and took pictures over the pregnancy of my belly but besides that no journal. I am happy and do not feel like I have missed out on anything .

  • I had one with DD and I just recently looked at it again.  I LOVE things like that and I keep up on her baby book really well.  I think it just depends on the type of person you are.
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  • I didn't really "journal" my first pregnancy or this one. I do have a blog and post an update after each doctor's appointment.  I don't blog much - just heartbeat, weight gain, what I measured,etc. So far, it's been a good frame of reference for this second pregnancy.  But each pregnancy is also different.

    I don't really journal 'Dear Baby, I already love you.  You moved alot today.  You okay in there?" kind of stuff. 

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  • Pregnancy journals are over-rated.  My friend gave me one with DS, and I had such a horrible pregnancy that I tossed it.

    With DD, I skipped the pregnancy journal and read a spiritual pregnancy book instead called Birthed in Prayer.  It was an OK book- not the greatest, but I wanted something to help me enjoy the pregnancy since my first pregnancy was so awful.  There are also pregnancy meditation books if you like those.  That might help you write more if you do want to journal because they bring up more issues than the standard, "I felt like this.  My doc apt was like that."

  • I'm not a big journaler, but I really liked "The Belly Book." It's cute, and prompts you to keep just enough of a record to be interesting to your future child someday. I managed to do this with my first baby, but unfortunately didn't pull it together for the others.
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  • I did them with my first three pregnancies.  Mainly I jotted short notes about how I was feeling and I did like having something in subsequent pregnancies to go back and look at.  Oh yea, I was still throwing up four times a day at 32 weeks in my first so I'm not going to freak about it the second or third time around.

    I didn't do journals with pregnancies four, five and six though because well, not to be downer, but I miscarried my third pregnancy and having that journal just end at 14 week was depressing so I never did one again.

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    I would also recommend The Belly Book - I still love reading both of mine, and it really wasn't that demanding to do.

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