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What exactly IS the 4 month wakeful?

So here are the many different things I've heard that cause the 4 month wakeful


-Change in sleep cycles. Now babies who need mom and dads assistance to go down, will require their assistance every time they wake up to go back to sleep. Learning to self soothe (sometimes through CIO) is sometimes necessary to help babies learn to go back to sleep on their own.

-Developmental. Babies go through a huge mental leap and have issues falling asleep because of this, so they should require more assistance to go down and may need you to revert to soothing techniques to help them through this (so no CIO)


-Developmental. Baby is more socially aware and wants to be around you more, so sleep training may be required to remind them night is for sleeping.

-Distractability. Babies are more distracted in the day, causing them to reverse cycle by eating more at night when there is less things around to distract them.

Basically.........I'm still unclear onto what it is.  Or is it a mix of all of these things, and we just compound things when we react one way or another? So weird. so confusing. so not excited for if/when this occurs (LO is 15 weeks)

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Re: What exactly IS the 4 month wakeful?

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