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Baby Eye Color???

Hello All! My DH has green eyes and I have brown, but my DD has grey/blue-ish (happens to my recently deceased grandmother's eye color, they have been the same color since birth, she's 5 months old) and I really don't want them to change, I love the color and they remind me of my grandma. I was just wondering when your LO's eye color changed, if at all?

TIA! :) 

Re: Baby Eye Color???

  • They have been brown since birth

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  • DS1 was born with brown eyes and they got a little darker.

    DS2 was born with blue-grey eyes. They are sort of hazel-y gray at the moment with brown flecks and I assume they will continue to get browner, but who knows. I'd love them to stay this color, but I have a feeling they'll be brown. 

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  • DS's eyes have been blue since birth - they have just gotten lighter as time goes by, he's 5 months and I have brown eyes & fiance has blue. My pedi. said they can take up to a year to change fully.


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  • DD was born with brown eyes that had a sight grayish tint. They went full brown within a few weeks and have been this way since. DH and I both have doody brown eyes, so we expected the same. 
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  • Grayish Blue at birth, now they are a really light blue.
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  • Jak's eyes were gray at birth and turned dark blue around i2-3 months.  They have since gotten lighter blue flecks in there.  Or pei said he is pretty sure they will stay blue.  My hubby has blue eyes and I have brown eyes.  


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  • DS1's hardly changed at all... maybe less intensely blue but they are still blue.

    DS2's haven't changed yet. 

  • Ds had grey blue eyes at birth, but thepast few weeks they are turning green. Dh and I both have green eyes so I think his will stay greenish
  • My son is 24 weeks, and his eyes are still blue (from birth).

    I have brown eyes, my husband has green/hazel/light brown.  I know my mom's side has a blue gene in there somewhere, so maybe my hubby has one as well.

    We both have pretty dark features, so the blonde hair blue eye baby that came out was a total shock, lol.

  • DS had navy blue eyes at birth and now they're a lighter blue. Everyone tells me they'll stay blue but I'm still waiting for them to change! I have green eyes and DH has brown eyes though I do have a lot of blue eyes on my side of the family. I'll admit I would love for them to stay this color. They are gorgeous! 
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  • DS was born with dark gray eyes. Now at 5 months they fade inward from black to dark grey. Absolutely gorgeous, i hope they don't change.



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  • My DD's were constantly changing until she was one, from dark grey to bright blue. At about 1 1/2 they started getting brown in them, and they are hazel now.

    DS's were bright blue and still are bright blue.

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  • DD's eyes were gray at birth and have since turned blue.  They have progressively gotten lighter so people seem to think they will stay some shade of blue.  I, however, am not so certain.
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  • I have brown eyes with some green/hazel in the family, and DH has blue eyes. DS1 had dark grey/blue eyes at birth that turned brown by 6 months.  DS2 also had grey/blue eyes at birth, but a little lighter than DS1.  His are still pretty grey at 5 months, but look different colors depending on what clothes he has on.  He is much more fair complexioned than DS1, so maybe his eyes will be lighter.  His hair is scant, but has some blonde/reddish tint.  We both have brown hair, but recessive hair colors on both sides.  DH wants a blue-eyed redhead.  Unlikely, though.  


  • DD1's eye color changed from dark blue to brown within the first couple months, DS's eye color was a super slow progression of blues and greys before ultimately becoming dark brown by 18m. DD2's eyes are just starting to change from light blue to having brown centers... So I'm sure she'll eventually be dark brown too. Pretty sure brown is dominant if either you or DH have them, but anything can happen!
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  • DS had those gray baby eyes that a lot of babies have at birth. At four months they drastically changed to a dark blue and now they are a bit lighter blue. They seem to be getting brighter...more like mine. 

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  • My DD has blue eyes and has since birth. My pedi told me at her 6 week checkup that her eyes would stay blue because the white part of her eyes had a blueish tint to them. He was correct since she is 6 and still blue eyes and the white really does have a blueish tint.


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  • He had dark blue eyes and at 2 months they started getting lighter in the middle and they are starting to look more green. I've heard that they can change up to a year or so.  


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  • Hazel and have not changed.  Most changes are in the first year and most are from light to darker.  Usually baby's eyes will not get lighter over time because adding additional pigment darkens them, but it is possible.  On a side note, for whatever reason, eye color actually CAN and sometimes does change later in life, even as an adult.
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