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iPad or iPad Mini?!?!?

So I'm already doing my Christmas shopping, or at least window shopping, and wanted to get some pointers from other fathers. My hubby will be 29 in December and I wanted to get something for him that he would least expect. I'm debating on which Apple product to get him. Either the iPad or the iPad mini. We currently have Toshiba tablets that have a 10" screen and are pretty bulky so I wanted to upgrade. I know he'll be more than happy with either but I want to get some advice from you guys on which you find more ideal or practical. Thanks!
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Re: iPad or iPad Mini?!?!?

  • I gave my wife an iPad Mini for her birthday in March and she's still glad that she got the Mini instead of the regular one. The Mini is nice because you still have the room to view full website instead of the stupid mobile ones however its not too big that it's difficult to hold with one hand if needed. And really the Mini's screen isn't that much smaller even though the overall device is much more manageable because the bezel (the area around the screen) is much smaller. FWIW her mother has a regular iPad and every time my wife uses the regular one it reaffirms her preference for the Mini.

    Though my suggestion would be that no matter which you choose I would wait until the next series of iPads are released. Then you would have the choice to get the latest and greatest or get the current series for a cheaper price. They are expected sometime this fall, probably around November.

    Hope that helps. 

  • Does it have to be an iPad? Go to Walmart and get the Samsung 7 tablet for an eighth of the price with all of the ability. Not bulky.
  • I have the ipad mini, good size, great battery life but the resolution sucks, 
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