Thrush and poop color

My LO and I discovered we have thrush on Friday.  I'd noticed a couple days before that that LO's poops were looking a little more greenish brown than the dijon mustard seedy look and this has more or less continued throughout the weekend (I'd like to say it's starting to turn more yellow but I'm not positive).  I thought she might not be getting enough hind milk until I found out about the thrush at the LC, but didn't think to ask about it. 

My question is, is it common for the thrush and/or the medication she's on to be causing the different poop color (she's on Nystatin) or should I be checking with her doctor?  She's EBF and almost 5 weeks if that makes a difference.

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Re: Thrush and poop color

  • How did you get thrush?  If it's from taking antibiotics, that is probably what caused the green poops.
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  • My LO had thrush and was on Nystatin 4x/day (what a PITA) but the poops stayed yellowish.  I'm a FTM so I call the ped about everything lol.
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  • image TJ1979:
    How did you get thrush?  If it's from taking antibiotics, that is probably what caused the green poops.

    They put me on one round of antibiotics when I was in labor because they couldn't contact my doctor to find our if my strep B test was negative.  Once he came and told them it was they took me off.  That was 5 weeks ago, could it have taken that long to cause the thrush?  I've been having tender nipples which developed some crusties for a while ever since the hospital and I'm wondering if that could have helped the thrush along.  I really don't know when the thrush presented itself as I just assumed the type of pain I was having was normal and due to bad latch, which is why I finally saw the LC on Friday.  I haven't been on antibiotics since the hospital and I've never had a yeast infection before.

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