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Chinese gender chart

Those of you that have had your anatomy scan and found out sex, was Chinese gender chart accurate? I am 14 weeks, and it says boy, but I did a gender pee test and it says girl! So just wondering about the truth to it. My friends have swore by it.

Re: Chinese gender chart

  • A gender pee test? How is your urine any different due to gender???

     And the chinese gender thing was correct for me, says girl having girl. But, it's just like any OWT and has a 50% accuracy.  


  • Mine was wrong it told me we were having a girl, and at my 20 week ultrasound there was denying that it was a boy. 

    I think you have a 50 - 50 chance some people have experienced it to be correct whereas I did not, but it can still be fun to look into the different myths of prediction of what your baby will be. I did a lot of em just for fun and some were right and some were wrong. 

    Although i  never took the gender urine test, I don't know how your urine can determine the sex of a baby. Cause i'm sure if was an accurate thing it would be used at the doctors office.  


    Best of luck. 

  • The gender pee test is like the OWT of peeing on draino and watching for it to change blue or green. Its just a fun thing to do, but the results have poor accuracy due to irregular hormone levels in the "unaverage" woman.
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  • First baby- Chart says boy, I had a girl!

    Second baby- Chart says boy, I had another girl!

    Current pregnancy- Chart says girl, July 15th is when we'll know if the chart gets 3 strikes or if it is finally right.

    Honestly, none of those tests have any science behind them. Unless you go for the blood work or ultrasound, even then there is some room for error.

  • Chinese gender chart and most OWT were wrong for us.  
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  • It was right for me both times.

    The pee test means absolutely nothing.

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  • The Chinese gender chart was wrong both times for me.
    DS1 - 08.08.08   DS2 - 05.02.10


  • The "pee" test is a bunch of crap and you wasted your money. 

     Gender chart was wrong for me, said boy but I am having a girl.


  • It was wrong! It said boy, but I'm having a girl. 

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  • Chinese gender chart was right for my first pregnancy but wrong for this one.

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  • Right for one, wrong for one.....50% accuracy, holy cow! I haven't even looked this time.


    S/O pee tests - you could also pee on a maple leaf, I've heard, and if it gets wet, it's a 50% chance that it's a boy!

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  • So far it's been 50/50 for me. We'll see about this pregnancy. It says girl, and I am willing to bet money that it is indeed a girl, but will not have my anatomy scan for another 4 weeks so we will see.
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  • Like PPs said, it's accurate about half the time because there's a 50/50 shot for either sex. One version of the chart was right for me, one was wrong. It's fun to see what all the old wives' tales say, but none of them are legitimate predictors of baby's sex.
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  • Sorry. But I hate these questions even though I full admit to overanalyzing it myself.

    The Chinese Gender chart is simply not that simple and has far too much user error involved.  For instance, is conception date your last LMP or when you actually ovulated.  I think ovulation,  but the chart goes by LMP I'm pretty sure (at least on the ones that calculate it for you). Also, BabyCenter's chart goes by lunar calendar, not regular.  TB's doesn't.  So which one are you going with?

    Also, I read that the stupid gender pee test is really just a PH predictor.  Drink something really acidic and you will most likely get a different result. As far as we know, baby's DNA is not in our pee.

    ETA:  to answer your question:

    The Baby Center one (goes by lunar age) was right this time (I entered due date, not conception) and wrong for DD1.

    The Bump chart (goes by regular age) was wrong this time but right for DD.


  • I really can't believe people waste money on this stuff. It's all in fun and doesn't "predict" anything. You can try every gender test on the market, it will all be 50% correct. 

    The only correct answer really is at birth. Ultrasounds are the next best thing.

    Save your money and buy something for your future child that they will need. You're literally pissing your money a way. 

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  • It was wrong for me. It has a fifty fifty chance of being right just like a random guess.
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  • Mine was right but I still don't believe the chart. My boy friend also tied a ring to a string and placed it over my belly and said o wow its a girl. So that was right too but I just believe a vagina or penis when my baby comes..

    ultrasound at 18 weeks and its a girl

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    it was right for me. chart said girl, and i'm having a girl.
  • Yes it was right.

    I didnt put much stock into it though.
  • Baby #1, chart said Girl, we had a Girl

    Baby#2, chart said Boy, we had a girl

    Baby#3 chart said Boy, we just found out Girl. Could change.

  • The Chinese chart and almost all OWTs pointed to girl and I'm definitely having a boy.  The Intelligender pee test has a 50% chance of being right.  Nothing in your pee can tell the sex of your baby.
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  • It was wrong for me for all three.
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  • Chinese gender chart said I was having a boy, turns out I am having a girl!  I also did the wedding ring tied to a string test and the baking soda and pee test and those said I was having girl.
  • TB chart said boy and lunar one (as PP mentioned) said girl, we are having a boy.
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  • I guarantee I could make a random chart with B's and G's and I'd get a 50% accuracy rate.  I understand why people "look" at it, but to give it any sort of thought or weight (ie, posting as to whether it was "correct"), is ridiculous.  Just because a "g" showed up for your month and age and you're having a girl doesn't mean it was "correct."  If I were team green and I flipped a coin and said "heads it's a boy, tails it's a girl", and it landed on heads, and then I actually had a boy, it doesn't mean the coin was "right."

    And wow, do I wish I were the diabolical genius that came up with a pee test to determine the sex of a baby.  They sell those things to thousands of unsuspecting women who don't do any research and they make a fortune.  There is NOTHING in your urine that can determine the sex of the child you are carrying...PERIOD. 

    ETA: Depends on which chart you look at.  It's about 50/50 for both my pregnancies.  Imagine that.

  • image lrachelle80:

    S/O pee tests - you could also pee on a maple leaf, I've heard, and if it gets wet, it's a 50% chance that it's a boy!

    ROFL, bravo! 


  • It was wrong for us. It said boysters and we're having a girl.

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  • The Chinese gender chart said I was going to have a girl my first two pregnancies. I had a boy each time. This time the chart said I was going to have a boy. I am having a girl. Its been wrong all 3 times for me.

  • The Chinese gender chart was right for me.

    1st baby said girl we had a girl

    2nd baby said boy we had a boy

    3rd baby said boy we had a boy

    4th baby said boy we had a boy

    5th baby says girl, the verdict is out on this one until we find out around 16-17 weeks.

  • Chinese gender chart was right both times for me!!

    First time said girl we had a girl
    This time said boy and sure enough ultrasound confirmed we are having a boy! It's based on the actual day you conceived though not when you had your last period...
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