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How to say thanks?

So DH has been a true champ this entire pregnancy and I am sure will continue to be once DS gets here. He has been dealing with all of the crazy emotional junk I have been throwing at him really really well. I feel bad because for the last two weeks or so I have been basically having a mini-melt-down just about everyday and he has been taking it all in stride (I'm 39+ weeks now).

My question to you guys, is what can I do for him to let him know how much I appreciate how well he is doing with all this besides telling him and the other obvious answer?

He's not much of a beer guy. Any suggestions?

Re: How to say thanks?

  • My wife basically asked me the same point blank the other day which caught me off guard.

    I had to think about it and what I told her was well find some time once the baby is settled and surprise me with a night where it just her and I and whatever I want to do we do. 

    I love taking care of my wife and her being pregnant and all the "work" that comes with it. That being said having a evening to look forward to where she is mine from head to toe and I pick the dinner and activities....

    Well it makes me smile. ;) 

  • Tell him, show him, and just hug him. No need to purchase anything. He knows how much you appreciate his help/patience, with your crazy lady pregnant hormones, just by continuing to be an awesome dude. If he were less awesome, he's feeling less awesome and appreciated. 
  • As PP said, simply tell him how much you appreciate him and everything he's doing for you.  

    Can't go wrong with a pack of bacon though :P

  • So far the general consensus is sex of some sort or another.  I agree the one poster that says once you are ready to get intimate after having the LO, to have a date night in if you have someone near to watch your LO.

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