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Solids 6 months or milestones

Mobile Solids 6 months or milestones

Did you start solids at 6 months or once your LO hit all the milestones? If you started before 6 months did you start with fruits and veggies? I would like to start with pur?es and skip the cereals. 

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Re: Solids 6 months or milestones

  • Our neo has us waiting until we see them next to discuss solids -- that appt is scheduled for the second week in August -- the girls will be about 6.5 months adjusted at that point. Until then, they were very clear about keeping them on fortified BM to the 22 cal recipe the girls have been on since NICU discharge.

    We also plan to skip cereals -- but I need to research more on the order of introduction. I do know that fruits are later -- unless they're less sweet/starchier (I think -- but again, I haven't really done the leg work yet!) 

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  • I started at 5 months with bananas and sweet pototoes, no cereal.  Pedi said 5 months, and that's when I started with my son.  She was ready. It's going great so far.
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  • Our pedi is fine with us waiting to start solids but he did mention that if we wanted to start that we should start with orange vegetables.
  • We started a week shy of 5 months. He took them and enjoyed them then but in the past week or so he's gotten REALLY into them... getting fussy if I stop feeding him before he's done.

    I started with only one tbsp once a day and now we are up to 2 to 4 tbsp twice a day. Always after milk. We skipped grains all together. He's had apple, banana,green bean, avocado, sweet potato, peas, and carrot. Both in chunks and pureed. Banana chunks are his fav.
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  • Once LO started showing interest in us eating, reach and grabbing for things and being able to sit up I started experimenting with solids. We started him with bananas and sweet potatoes and he loves both!
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  • Pedi said wait till 6 months...He seemed ready so I tried oatmeal...He didn't like it. I waited a week tried it again he didn't like it. I decided to just try squash. I couldn't give it to him fast enough! If he wasn't showing the signs of readiness I would have been fine waiting though.
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  • We wait for at least six months, no tongue thrust reflex, and sitting up totally independently.  Since DD is so focused on crawling, I'm not sure when she will slow down enough to work on sitting.  

    We do baby led weaning so pretty much skip the pur?e stage and go right to soft chunks. 

  • We started at 5.5 months every once in a while. A week ago I became more regular with 1/2 puree in the morning and 1/2 puree in the late afternoon. He loves his carrots and squash! Hated green beans though! LOL!

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  • With Ds we started at 4mos with rice cereal, as suggested by pedi.  With Dd we are waiting until 6mos and will start with veggies. I'm skipping over cereals all together. 
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  • We tried last week 5.5 months with just a little avocado. She played with it but had little interest in putting it in her mouth. I think waiting until close to 6 months is ideal, DD hit her milestones a couple weeks ago so we tried last week.

    I think my version of sitting unassisted might be different than some of the ladies who said their baby can sit unassisted at like 4-4.5 months. Maybe their baby is just super strong... but I waited until DD could sit completely on her own for bout 30 seconds. No pillow behind her or Boppy around her. 

    I also let her take the lead with the avocado, I didn't try to spoon it to her so that way she would let me know if she was figuring it out. Very little ended up in her mouth but we'll try again soon!

    GL, I would skip cereals and if your LO is close to 6 months and has hit all the milestones I don't think introducing solids a little early will hurt anything. 

  • We started solids this week, she has been lunging at my food and smacking her lips for some time and since she's just shy of 6 month we started, we are doing BLW (whole foods, not puree) So far she has had banana, avocado, chicken, broccoli, pineapple, zucchini and sweet potato. She has yet to reject anything, she LOVES avocado and was getting some huge chunks and taking it down like a champ, I think we have a little foodie on our hands! 
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  • I started solids at 5months... avocado, bananas, and just to have a little iron I give her rice oatmeal.... she hasn't had any trouble digesting it, but I know most people will skip... her pedi just said I didn't have to give rice cereal or oatmeal but to find an alternative for her iron intake
  • DD hated the cereal. I jumped to fruits and veggies
    She gets better all the time
    She LOVES squash
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