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Really dumb question re: school/daycare

Mobile:  Really dumb question re: school/daycare

I am embarrassed to ask this, honestly, but I am at a loss.  I am thinking ahead quite a few years, and logistically I don't get it.

What do you do when your child is old enough for kindergarten/school?  First of all, isnt' kindergarten half days?  So what do your kids do the other half of the day and during the summers?  For beyond kindergarten, what do they do from 3-5PM and over the summers?



Re: Really dumb question re: school/daycare

  • A lot of Kindergarden is full day these days.  And schools offer before and after care.  Or daycare pick up/drop off or have school bus stops in front of them. 



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  • Kindergarten is now full day in a lot of states.  There is before and after care during the school year, and summer camps and/or a nanny in the summer.


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    Generally kids are 5 when they go to kindergarten but the cut off dates for turning 5 vary a lot across the US. Where we live the cut off is late so some kids are 4 on the first day of kindergarten.

    We have "whole day" kindergarten but it is still much less than my working day. We'll use the Y program which picks up and then does stuff like swimming, dance, etc. Over the summer we'll do camp. There is about 2-3 weeks where this nothing (no camp, no school etc) and I think we might hire a college student or do "grand parent" camp.

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  • For us, kindergarten is half day, but they offer an "enrichment program" that takes up the rest of the day.  You still have to do after care or get a sitter because it ends at 2:30 or 3.  There's camps or daycare or a nanny for the summer.
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  • The daycare we are using is a school that goes up to 8th grade, so he will keep going there through kindergarten. Then for 1st grade there are at least 2 daycares that have their own bus that picks the kids up from our local public elementary school. When LO is old enough to go to kindergarten he will attend one of those daycares.

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  • most kindergartens I know of are full day.  When I worked at daycare they had kindergarten, they also had buses to pick kids up.  I'm a teacher so I'll be able to get my kids and have them in the summer.  The once a week or so that I won't be, I could ask my dad.  I'm much more concerned with how I'm getting them there.  Before care is much harder to find than aftercare.
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    Kindy is a full day where I live. The school offers before/after program. I will keep DD enrolled in daycare for minimal adjustment and DD2 will be in attendance. DC has a bus that will transport and p/u kids.  DC helps with homework, has a summer camp and winter/spring break week with a bunch of activities and field trips.
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  • Kindergarten is still half day here but talk is to move it to full time by the time DD would be there.  Our local school actually has a bus stop in front of our DC.  Our DC offers before and after school rates along with no school days.  If half day kindergarten is still here I will pay for half day care I believe.  Too far away to ask those questions now.
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  • Kindergarten is full-day here, til about 3. Then there's afterschool care. Depending on the school, it either takes place at the school, or they're picked up by bus and taken to the Y or something. Summers we'll likely do a bunch of day camps, unless I have a SAHM friend that wants to watch him.
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  • Kindergarten here is all day. My DD went to After Care after school until I picked her up.

    Summer - YMCA summer camp

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  • We're not there yet, but have thought about it.

    Kindergarten is full day here, but they offer child care for before/after too. DC has bus stop to pick kids up as another option. For summer time we'll likely have a p/t nanny, grandparents and there are a lot of day camps depending on the kids interests. Plus the DC we use opens up to age 12 for "summer camp" from June-August. 

    So we'll figure it out when the time comes, but as of now there seem to be a few options in our area.

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    Our kindy is full days.  We do before care and after care at an extra cost, right at the school though which is nice.  Most of the summer weeks are spent at a camp that offers similar before and after care.  The other weeks, I take vacation time.

  • I've never heard of half day kindergarten....

    Most schools have before and after care...I was in it daily until about 6pm as a child...

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  • Public schools offer full day PreK and K here. Many of the schools have before/after care that you pay for, or the local daycares will bus them to and fro for you and they can go to daycare for before/after care.


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  • shannmshannm
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    image theresat858:

    I've never heard of half day kindergarten....


    Many districts strapped for cash are going back to half days. 

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