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Citrus Lane review

Thought some might be interested in this! I signed up for one month of Citrus Lane with a 50% off code that kept popping up on Facebook. I'm kind of meh about it but I might give it another month to see what we get.

Box contents:

One iPlay sun hat in a super cute beachy print. I actually love this--by far the best item in the box.

One "Odd Duck" rubber ducky in the orange/white swirl design. I wasn't thrilled but my son is pretty into it so another plus for the box.

One package of "Happy Baby" organic baby food (green beans). This is actually pretty nice but um--my son isn't even 4 months yet. I know some do solids earlier but you'd think CL would follow AAP recs? I'll just hang on to this for a few months.

Two little sample packs of Susan Brown's Baby items, one Nourishing Lotion & one Diaper Therapy Cream. These products are actually really nice but we CD so the diaper cream is useless to us. 

One full-size Susan Brown's Baby "Just for Mom" Foot Therapy Cream. Again a nice product but one that I probably won't use.

Hope this was helpful to someone!  

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