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Diarrhea and Diaper rash

DS has had diarrhea since Saturday evening and he has now developed a nasty rash on the inside of his legs just under the buttocks and it is welted. Now I have been lathering it in diaper cream but the poor guy can barely walk right because of it.
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Re: Diarrhea and Diaper rash

  • DD had something very similar just a few weeks ago. She was in for a regular check up anyways, and her doctor said to use Triple Paste. She said to put it on really thick on the really "sore" areas... I also found that "butt paste" really seemed to help as well...
  • my kids' diaper rash responds well to aquaphor. i'll put it on really think before bed and in the morning it looks way better.

    if the diarrhea is better/gone now you could also let him go around diaper-less to help.

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  • Triple Paste is a miracle for really bad diaper rash.  It's stupidly expensive so I only use it for the real gross stuff.  If it's a tamer diaper rash I use Desitin or Bourdreaux's Butt Paste.
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  • We have tried lots before but what works really well now (and our daycare teachers swear by it) is called Calmoseptine. I got some at Walgreens for about $7.50 and it does work well - better than the others we have tried. If you don't know where to find it ask the pharmacist (we found it by the adult diapers)

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  • I really put it on thick and it was a lot better this morning
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  • We're currently dealing with diarrhea and a horrible rash due to a possible stomach virus.

    - Don't use wipes.  Clean LOs bottom in water.  We use the bathroom sink, fill it with warm water, and clean it that way.  It's gross but the screams of pain he makes when we used the wipes in the beginning is heartbreaking enough for me to get past the fact that I'm touching poop.

    - No onesies, loose diapers.  We stopped putting pants on him too.  A bit pointless anyways since we're constantly changing his diapers.

    - Right now I'm using a mixture of diaper cream, hydrocortisone, and clotrimizole (a.k.a. Lotrimin.)  I also bought Triple Paste so I may have to add that into the mix.  When his rash turned into a yeast infection in the past I've also had to add Monistat.  I'm afraid we're turning down that road again so I may have to grab a tube to be at the ready if the Triple Paste doesn't help with an improvement.

    - If it worsens you might also want to give LO a warm baking soda bath.  4 TBSP of baking soda with 4 inches of warm water (we usually do a little bit more.)  Let LO soak for 10 min.

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  • DD got a terrible rash a while back and a friend recommended corn starch and then put Burt's Bees diaper ointment on top. It creates a thick thick pasty goop but she was better in no time 
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