Breasts never really empty- when to stop pumping?

Another question! I recently started double pumping, taking a 10 minute break and then single pumping and my output is really good. However, when I single pump (especially the first few pumping sessions of the day) the milk just continues to come out, up to an hour after I've started. I can't keep devoting this much time to pumping! How do I know when my breasts are empty enough?
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Re: Breasts never really empty- when to stop pumping?

  • Whenever your breasts lose that fullness feeling. Thry continually make milk, so you will always get something coming out. 

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    I'm glad you asked this. I've read that you're supposed to pump for a few minutes after the last drops... But I usually don't get last drops so I never know when it's a good time to stop.
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