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My 3 year old started pedaling his tricycle a couple months ago. He doesn't ride it a lot, as we don't have a great area to ride, but we're starting to practice more. However, he has a really hard time steering and tends to get frustrated with that. He really doesn't steer much at all (just kind of holds on and hopes it goes straight :) Any other LO's that started pedaling and had trouble with the steering part? How do you work on that? Is it just trial and error?

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    When DD2 started with her tricycle she would turn toward whichever foot was pushing on the peddle.  Once she got the hang of peddling, she was able to stop watching her feet and quickly figured out how to go straight.  She did spend a lot of time on the sidewalk that runs through our backyard though, that's pretty much only wide enough for her trike so turning wrong landed her in the grass.

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  • Its common, until they get the hang of it.


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