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What's your favorite brand of cloth diapers?

Hi ladies!

I am going to be new to cloth diapers. With our son we chose to use disposable diapers, but we decided to try out cloth with our baby girl on the way! So I am in need of your opinions on which cloth diaper is the best. From what I have read and looked at online, I think I like the gdiapers with the biodegradable insert. But I don't know anything about them, that's why I came here!

Since we are having a baby girl, I was wondering if y'all knew where I could find girly girl diaper covers with ruffles, etc...


Thank you! 

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Re: What's your favorite brand of cloth diapers?

  • My favourite brands are Bumgenius, Kawaii and Rumparooz.

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    We are doing pockets and like Kawaiis with Velcro.


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  • We mostly use Blueberry, BG 4.0 and RaR pockets and Sbish fitteds.



  • I have BG 4.0's, Blueberry's, Sbish, and Twinkie Tush.
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  • Everyone is going to love something different.  Although many people love BG 4.0 pocket dipes.  I really think you need to see them for youself.  For instance, I thought I'd love gdiapers, I really did.  Guess what?  I hate them.  I'm so glad I didn't buy a whole bunch of them.  So so so glad.  Some people love them and I'm not saying you won't love them too, but you won't know that until you're getting down and dirty with them.  I suggest you get online and start looking at sites that sell them.  Go to Cotton Babies, Kelly's Closet, Green Mountain Diapers.  The tabs along the sides will say things like Cloth Diapers, Covers, NB Options...etc...if you go into those links you'll find it broken down even more.  AIO, AI2, Pockets, Fitteds, prefold, flats, covers, woolies.....and look at them.  Click the links that say "see this on a baby"  Once you've figured out what kind of system you think you'd want, then start asking for recs on brands.  I will admit, that a lot of people have a bit of everything.  But you don't know until you start looking.  I thought I'd be an AIO (All in one)   girl when I first started thinking about it.  But it turns out I'm more of a fitted diaper (cloth part that fits like a sposie with either snaps or no closure and needs either a pin or a device called a snappi) paired with a cover to make it waterproof.  At first it seemed like too much work, but really it is less work and more suited to my needs.  You just don't know until you use them.  This is coming from a girl who invested in pockets because they were easy to get at Target.  So wish I hadn't done that.  But what is done is done. 
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  • I definitely agree with pp that you just won't know what works for you until you've tried them. That being said, our stash includes Grovias (my favorite), Fuzzibunz (DH's favorite), Yiddle Doppers, Itti Bitti Tuttos, Flips (and prefolds), and a Blueberry. I pretty much love them all for one reason or another. I also fall into the camp that didn't really pick up the Bumgenius love.

    As for biodegradable, Grovia has a bio insert option. I've only used their re-usable inserts, but I love those.

    For super girly and fun covers, you might check out etsy. You can find some adorable diapers there :) 

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  • Our favorites are blueberry simplex, bum genius, tots bots, and rumparooz.
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  • gDiapers are definitely not my favorite. They are cute and trim, but also expensive, complicated and not very absorbent. Some people really like them, but I think there are better options out there for the money.

    As far as girly diaper covers, etsy would be where to look for ruffled ones. I can't think of a mass-distributed brand that has ruffled covers.

    My favorite brands depend on the type of diaper. My favorite pockets are BumGenius 4.0 and Kawaii HD2 Square Tab. Green Mountain are my favorite prefolds and I normally use them under Bummis covers.


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  • Our favourite brands of diapers are BG 4.0s. GroVia AIO's, Applecheeks and Sustainablebabyish.

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  • I'm definitely with the PP who tried gDiapers and hated them. We tried them too, although I was silly and invested a TON of money (baby shower GC's) on them. We used them for about a month before moving on. I LOVED the idea of a trim bootie for my DD, but the cons of leaking, red marks left on DD's legs from the elastic, and the lack of a waterproof cover made us rethink. 

     We bumped to Thirsties (DH likes the 2 size system so less of a fluff butt), Bum Genius, and Blueberry pockets. I have a Grovia AIO I got for free from Kelly's Closet that I LOVE, but I haven't gotten to get any more. They are a very trim dipe though too if that's something you're looking for. 

    For overnights, we definitely love the Sustainablebabyish OBFs (overnight bamboo fitteds) and we use a waterproof cover over them.

     Check out the FAQs section on the top of the page too-that was a lifesaver for me!!  

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  • Before DD was born we bought all gDiapers and hated them.  For some reason we couldn't get a good fit.  Leaked every time!  Loved: Bum genius, baby kicks, best bottoms, and blueberries.  
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