bottle intro...too late?

DD is 14 weeks old and EBF. At 6 weeks she had a bottle of pumped BM and did fine, few days later refused one but I blamed it on a different bottle. Shortly after had a couple more but it was quite a bit of effort on DH's part to get her started. I knew we should make an effort to do them more often, but I am a SAHM and pumping is a pain.
At 12 weeks we were on a trip and I pumped in car to make the stop quicker...well that backfired since it was a 45 min ordeal to get 2oz in her. And that only happened because it was a Playtex Drop-in and I pushed the bag to squirt it in her mouth and she maybe swallowed half.
So I am wondering if we are just outstanding luck or with a concerted effort she will take a bottle as there are a few things coming up where I would need to leave her for more than 90 min. I realize every baby is different but some BTDT stories would be helpful.
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