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Baby missed her 4 month checkup

So, my health insurance got messed up with my company, and they never added my daughter to my plan. I've been dealing with fixing it, but in the meantime, my baby has missed her 4-month checkup.

This means she also missed her second round of vaccines. How bad is this really? My mother keeps nagging me about it, and I didn't give it much thought because I know some babies are on a modified vaccine schedule. I did some research this afternoon, though, and now I'm wondering if I'm risking some serious effects to my LO.

She's almost 6 months old now. I plan on resolving the issue this week, so that she can go to the doctor and get back on schedule.

Re: Baby missed her 4 month checkup

  • I'd call your pedi and ask. We are traveling right now and DDs 6month appointment is at 7months and the pedi said that time difference wasn't a big deal. Some shots need to be spaced a certain amount of time to be effective, so I'd find out sooner rather than later. Sorry I don't have a more direct answer, not in the medical field.
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  • I know in Canada we get the Rotovirus vaccine at 2 and 4 months (among others) and they seem to indicate that this vaccine needs to be given 2 months after the first dose.  I think there is more flexibility with the others.

    I personally would just be concerned about getting my baby checked out to make sure everything is developing well.


    DS just had his 4 month appt Friday and we found out he has torticollis, so i'm glad we found out and can work on getting it treated.  Dr. thinks he also had the croup, so we put off his vaccines by 1 week, but no more than that. 

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  • You can go to the Health Department and get them for free. When DS was born I got a great job opportunity and ended up leaving my current job so I lost our insurance for a month of course, this was during his 2 month appointment. Our pedi told us to go there and then just go to him for a well visit. It worked out just fine for us and now that our insurance is back I carry it for the whole family we didn't miss a beat...
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  • and I am on mobile so sorry for the missing punctuation
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  • she'll be fine. The pedi will just modify her vaccine schedule.  Just do it as soon as you can.
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